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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The trees dancing in the breeze outside showing off their colors are saying it's fall but I'm still having a hard time believing that it is October. I never realized before how much my own sense of time was centered around the girls' activities.
What have we been up to lately? Serra's knee has progressed and the doctor has signed off on it. Pivoting and twisting are still to be avoided but unless something happens she is good to go. Amanda is officially a college student. I know, many of you are saying that happened back in August, what are you talking about? This weekend was the first time that I called and woke her up...at 1:30 in the afternoon her time! I'm very glad that she is still loving it out there.
What did I work on? Riding the Waves came off of Rapunzel Thursday morning. 
This was just the beginning shot and doesn't show what really happens with the piece. I learn something new from almost every weaving. What this one taught me is that this idea needs less weft heavy patterns to really show it off. Only little Flynn is dressed right now so some warp measuring needs to happen this week. 
Progress on the edge of my current knit shawl is slow. Yesterday was one step forward and two steps back. I planned the edge, got the numbers right, weighed the yarn and knew there would not be enough to finish. Not entirely back to the drawing board but glad for a break from it today.  
As for work I have officially moved in to the position of Project Coordinator. Not entirely sure what all that entails yet especially with some rethinking that is happening with a portion of the company. Hoping to learn more and have more to do this week.
Personally I learned a bit more about myself this week. It's been a time of change around here with Amanda going to school, Serra being virtual and me getting the job with KnitCrate. I had thought that I could keep the change ball rolling into other aspects of life. This is how it felt:
The Universe made it pretty clear by beating me with the words patience and giving things time that more change isn't going to happen any time soon. It's not that I need patience and to give things time it's that I need to stop, simply be for a while and rest up for the next stage of the journey. Same thing happened a few years ago and I did alright until now. So not more patience and giving things time but simply being more present in the moment, savoring what is here now. The closer you get to your goal the harder it is to make changes right? 
What's on tap for this week? More of everything, weaving, knitting, healing and car repairs! Take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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