March weather and doing all the things

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The calendar has turned from February to March which in Colorado means...Snow! Yes, it is snowing outside my door today two weeks before the Spring Equinox. So, in other words the weather is fairly normal for this time of year. Appropriately to be in my Christmas pajamas!
What did we do this week? This is one of those that felt extremely long, not in a bad way but Monday was ages ago. Serra had a bit of a rough one fighting through another migraine. This one lasted for a good three days. She was able to participate in the concert band's CBA performance where they received a Superior ranking and will be moving on to State but didn't really feel like herself until Friday morning. Here's hoping it is a one time thing or that we can understand what the triggers are that start them for her. Just one last week before Spring Break.
Amanda is in her Spring Break right now but stayed at school. It's her first real Spring Break as last year the semester was delayed a week. I feel a little bad about her staying out there but she also has work to catch up on along with an interview for a RA position to take care of. She did say that a few tears of joy escaped upon opening a care package, not for the Girl Scout cookies it contained rather the jar of Consuelo's Green Chile
Crafts this week saw the delivery of my first commission!
The technicolor scarf "is perfect" and will be on many adventures as the owner is taking some trips soon. 
A bit of tatting and spinning.
Renulek creates a doily every Spring. I am behind as this is the pattern from 2019! The fiber is Ashford's Silk Merino Sliver in Citrus that I am starting on Rumple. I also need to dig through the bead stash to see what I have for a crochet collar I've been working on.
As for me the week felt long but it was also good. I feel that I'm gaining my footing and am figuring out how to do all of the things. With being awake 17 hours out of every 24 I should be able to right? For those of you that know me in real life don't worry this isn't a case of me looking to overload myself. It's seeing what I am capable of and coming into my own. It feels good.
This week! Wrapping up the quarter on a good note, spending some time in the studio, a bit of teaching and a good amount of joy sprinkled in. Breathe, stretch, finding what you are looking for, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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