Maybe this monthly plan is a good idea

Here we are again...another month and I didn't say a thing to you about this crafting life.  Maybe that's a good thing though, last thing you need with your own crazy lives is me butting in too much.  I have been told however that my stalkers get lonely without me so here goes.

June is really the only month that the girls get off from school.  What?! You're saying?  Yes summer is the standard June, July and August here in the Fort, but both girls are now involved in band.  Summer band camp for one begins July 17th and runs for three weeks.  This one is important as this is her first year in middle school.  She's not going where most of her elementary buddies are and so it's going to be more of a social opportunity to make new friends more than anything else.  The sophomore's (?!) schedule for marching band begins July 10th with rehearsals twice a week and full on seven hour a day camp July 31st.  Anyone that says the football team works harder than the band hasn't seen these kids.  Yes, it's hot, tiring, demanding, yet every one of them accepts it with grace and humor.  Sometimes I personally think it's a little much but then again they won 2nd place at the State competition last year.  So for June we took some time off and were major touristy out in Chicago for a week which was a great load of fun, but now it's time to get back to work.

I have 2 deadline patterns to bust out this month!  PieceWork and Yarn Crush both get my attention for July.  I'm hoping that the Yarn Crush package with the yarn in it is in my mailbox and here is the start for PieceWork:

Rapunzel has also received some attention as I finally got the third Van Gogh inspired piece strung up:

I'm loving the blend of colors and patterns.  I also have an idea to try out soon on my little loom...little being that it's only ten inches across.  It's still eight harnesses and currently threaded with 20/2 tencel.  Hoping to spend some time with it next week.

As for the future, one of the biggest things that I have to do with this craft venture is to let go of fear.  I can't be so afraid of things not being absolutely perfect before I begin so I have applied to be a vendor at The French Nest Market in September and October.  Also I have set goals for September-December of this year, to publish at least one pattern and get at least one handwoven piece made each month.  My patterns are currently available at Ravelry but I'm also thinking of trying to figure out how to offer pdfs from my website so that you do not have to be a member.  As for the woven pieces, I do have an Etsy store that needs some serious work and that is where I plan to post those along with my hand dyed yarn.

Happy Canada Day yesterday!  We had a great time watching the pregame festivities between Toronto and Boston and Happy 4th!  Safe travels to all who are doing so this weekend and dear stalkers I will try not to wait another month before saying hi.

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