Meeting the deadline, new projects and motivation

Hooray and hello again!  I finally finished up my next knit for PieceWork last night.  Good thing considering it is due at the office on Monday.  I must admit that I love living right down the road from them so that I can squeeze every drop of time possible out of the deadline.  It has been an intense couple of weeks of knitting to be sure to get it done.  Now all I have to do is finish up the written portion which for me is the hardest part of the process.  

Yes, that's me, pile of knitting in my lap and the original Star Trek keeping me company.  I grew up on them and it gives me something familiar to listen to that isn't distracting while I work.  I tried one day to watch The Red Violin a foreign film that I love but almost ruined the piece because I wasn't paying proper attention!

So, now what?  I've finished my deadline, what do I have to work on now?  Well the next project is back in the studio.  I have a concept that I want to try weaving.  To be able to do that I needed more heddles for Susan, and yes I do name my looms when it feels right.  Susan is the loom I was recently gifted with and named for her previous owner.  

700 new heddles to go onto her harnesses this next week.  You need a lot of them when you plan to weave at 40 threads per inch.

Another project that will be coming was influenced by a generous friend.  Jenny works at The Loopy Ewe here in the Fort and loves to get me into all sorts of crafting trouble.  On her Instagram page she posted a picture of project bags and coordinating yarns because we all need more project bags and if they match your project even better right?  Well one of the yarns was a fabulous red that I just had to see....and guess what?  It had sold out!  So much for a little bit of indulgence.  So instead Jenny says, pick out fabric and I'll make you a new bag.  Silly me carries it around the store and finds yarn to match. 

I couldn't help myself and at some point this summer there will be a new crescent shawl pattern available.  The yarn by the way is Juliespins.

I've talked before here about self-care and one of the things that I do is go to the gym five days a week.  Three of these are in a structured class with a trainer and I have been a part of it for the last 5+ years.  I love this class and work hard in it but this week I heard a lot of " I can't" from some of the other people.  That along with questions asked by coach in archery practice got me to thinking.  The mind is amazing and if you convince yourself that you can't do something it will not happen.  Regardless of everything else around you.  You could have all of the physical tools and instructions or teachers right there at hand but the instant you say "I can't" you're done for.  I have done things the last five years that I never would have thought possible or necessary to do if you would have asked the person I was all those years ago.  I know I can do this, create this craft life that I see and want for myself, so I will :)



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