Mindset and choice

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's one of those days where bed is super cozy and I didn't want to get up. As usual in Colorado the bit of snow we got last week is all gone and the sun is out again. Full moon as well so both celestials were in the sky one morning, just like in Ladyhawke
What did we do this past week? Serra had a band concert as warm up for the CBA concert band regional that is coming up next month. Their march was great fun and I hope they got some good feedback from the guest judges that were there from CSU. She gave me a bit of a health scare as she rocked a two-day migraine that took her out at the end of the week. Lots of sleep and liquids finally got her back to herself Friday afternoon. Today she is having leftover sushi from last night's treat for breakfast.
Amanda is doing good at school. We had our usual three-hour phone call this week along with some edits for an application to be a Learning Assistant on campus for next year. A LA is RPI's version of a live-in on-campus tutor that you can get help from. The bonus for Amanda is guaranteed on-campus housing. Both of us are impatiently waiting for news from Wake Forest about the summer internship that will be handing out decisions at the beginning of March.
Crafts this week saw looming time. I finished the commissioned piece and hope to get it delivered. Spent some time with Flynn working on this dyed warp.
And Susan got dressed in some cotton for towels in a custom draft.
Spent some time knitting as well on a lace design inspired by the Kushiel series. Lots of small projects for work this week which I enjoy. It makes me feel like I get more done having little projects versus great big ones. There's writing to catch up on and some extra meetings for upcoming issues this week. 
As for me I regained my emotional balance. Did a lot of work with shifting mindset and acknowledging how everything is life is choice. A friend on FB posted "Each morning, peace arrives at your door in the form of choices." and I agree with it. You can choose to have a limited or negative mindset and that is going to impact your day. You can also choose to be positive and expansive. Sometimes the path of least resistance is chosen because it is the easiest, it might not even be a conscious choice because change is hard. What choice did I make this week? To not berate myself for not doing more. I am doing everything I am supposed to right now along with working on a future for myself. Sometimes this path is hard, but I continue to choose it every day and to quote Ladyhawke "Impossible. Impossible. Nothing is impossible."
This week! Car repairs as my bumper has arrived. More crafts, more meetings, more dreaming and the choice to get up and do more every day. Breathe, find your path, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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