Missing routine

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Slow this morning with the holiday weekend. Some of routine returns with a bang tomorrow which is a good thing. Woke to a surprise today as I was not expecting to see a dusting of snow. Perhaps this is a sign of the winter to come. I rather like the idea of a quiet gentle one over a massive storm in March. I guess we will have to wait and see. 
How has this holiday week been? For the first time Serra had the entire week off with the blessings of the school district. There have been times in previous years where we had snowstorms or other things going on where the girls missed the three scheduled days but that was because of me. Finally, the district realized that nothing gets accomplished during the short week and scheduled things differently. The funny thing is she is missing routine and done with games and Animal Crossing. Today will be laundry and preparing for a long day tomorrow with band rehearsals before and after school.
Amanda has also had a quiet week. Classes ran Monday and Tuesday with kids clearing out that evening to head home for the holiday. Most of the residents on her floor are local to the area which makes travel easy. She took a couple of days to relax, ordered Indian food for her holiday feast and has appreciated the jar of green chile we sent out. Kids are headed back today so she got her work done over the last two as she expects to be bombarded with everyone wanting to see her again.
Short week with work for me as well. Here's hoping it has me prepared for the busy one to come. Meetings, two-day photo shoot, and a web post that needs writing. I spoiled myself a bit for my birthday.
Yes, I know another spindle. It was too pretty to pass up and I was lucky that it was still available. This is dyed maple from Straddle Creek Spins and he can be found on both insta and etsy. I also work with some wonderful people that are craft enablers! One of our editors loves band weaving and I decided to set one up and give it a try.
I love learning new things and being inspired by passionate people. I work with some amazing teachers.
As for me it has been a good week. Not having routine is difficult so I am looking forward to Monday and having my schedule back. I also didn't realize how much I value silence and quiet. I would love to say more about some thoughts and feelings however company is awake, and it is time to be hostess. Breathe, patience, hope, calm, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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