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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Colorado is showing both sides of her personality outside with the sun shining but the air being cold enough to show your breath. If it were just a little warmer I would consider sitting out on the patio to listen to the stillness. One of the things I love about getting up early is the quiet potential you can feel in the silence.
How is life and what did we do last week? Amanda came through her first exams with flying colors. Either this semester's classes are easier or she's finding her stride with being in the center of campus rather than on the outskirts. Serra is having a great time with band and is handling her other classes almost with her eyes closed. I'm hoping that next year will be more of a challenge for her. It's interesting how different areas are also handling the current world situation. Amanda is concerned that they will be in quarantine again soon due to positive cases even though the number is small and our district here is looking at going back to five days a week after spring break when we have had more cases than RPI. 
As for crafts this week I was able to finish a project for KnitCrate and get it off in the mail. A few finishing touches on the pattern and off it will go too. Tough to write a paragraph about what inspired me for the pattern when really it was just an idea that I plucked out of my head that fit the theme. With that project complete I jumped back into my pile of pattern notes and think I might have the shaping figured out for a piece that I have been thinking about for a long time. I'm a big fan of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's novels. The Exile's Lament is a piece inspired by her world. I'm planning to create several more and wondering how and when to release them. Plus there is another pile of pieces that are knitted and only need their patterns written so lots to think about and swatch on. I also spent a day this last week rearranging the studio. May sound strange but the configuration I had it in had the energy off and it had lost its creative flow. Trading places with a couple of the looms and seeing just how many supplies I have makes it feel better again. I plan on getting back to weaving with finishing what is currently on the looms along with a few new ideas. I applied for a spring market here locally in April so new items will be needed soon. 
As for me this week it was a good one. I've been working on staying in the present moment and trying not to think too far ahead in to the future. When ever I do that worry sets in hard and I can't do that. The future is going to get here in its own time and that best thing I can do is be in the moment every day to work on building it. Smile, breathe, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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