New item and hello summer

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Things are looking pretty quiet out my window so far today. My big hope is that the temperatures don't get crazy, it's only June! Personally I would prefer to still be curled up in bed this morning. There are times when having a fairly precise body clock is annoying.
What did we do this past week? In some regards it was pretty lazy. Serra's knee has flared up again so as much as it annoyed her she was on the sofa with it up on pillows to get the swelling to go away. Amanda and I have watched a ton of sports and she's hoping that her Cubs get rid of the injury bug and heal up soon.
Ask for crafts, Rapunzel felt left out being the only loom with 60/2 silk so Flynn got his own warp at 72 threads per inch.
Yes it is tiny! That is one pattern repeat which contains 52 passes of the shuttle.
Yes that is a proper sized tape measure and it's only 2 inches wide.
Any guesses yet?
These will be bookmarks! I'm planning to have them at the August show. One of the things I love about this particular threading is that by changing the levers that are lifted you can get a bunch of different patterns. It helps keeps me from getting bored with a five yard warp and adds variety to a run.
I also still love my fiber tools and splurged on a couple more John Galen spindles this past week.
These are not only gorgeous but man are they fast! 
As for me this week was good. Good conversation that helped me see that I'm not going back to the beginning but creating life on my terms. Realizing how much the Universe has listened to the heart wishes I've discussed with it. Seeing how the more I let go the better things are. All of these things add up and right now it feels pretty good.
Next week! More weaving and possible some cleaning. I have a feeling Daddy is going to be here sooner than later. As for the remainder of the day, rest. Second shot yesterday is kicking in. Breathe, take care of YOU, and I'll be back next week ;)

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