New pattern alert!

Here I am again as promised with a new pattern!  This one came about in an unusual way.

This is the Adventure Neckerchief now listed on Ravelry.  The yarn for this is Jaggeryarn's newest creation, Kokadjo and getting the yarn came about in a unique way.

Normally I'm not one for making comments on things on social media but this just happened to be a time that I did.  I follow Jaggeryarn on Facebook as I've been a big fan of the Jaggerspun Zephyr for quite some time now.  The post talked about a new fingering weight yarn that is 90% superwash merino and 10% silk.  My comment was simple, saying that I would have to find some in my area and try it.  At the time I had recently been in contact with the editor of PieceWork and we had talked about the yarn I would need for an upcoming project...(spoiler alert!  Watch for PieceWork Jan/Feb 2018!) which of course I had decided on Jaggerspun Zephyr.  Lindsey of Jaggeryarn saw my comment, saw my PieceWork request and contacted me asking what color I would like to try of the Kokadjo since she was sending me yarn anyway.  Happy day!  Free yarn?  You bet!  The Kokadjo is a delight to work with and I personally would recommend it for season transitional garments because even though it is 90% superwash merino and 10% silk it has a feel similar to cotton.

The pattern itself is worked from tip to tip on size 4 needles and measures 14" wide at the point and 70" long.  Small you might say but of the items I've made and wear regularly the ones that wrap around my neck get the most comments.  You increase during the first half and decrease during the second half making it suitable for yarns that you may have a limited amount of.  To do this weigh your yarn at the beginning of the project, work the increase side until you are close to half of the weight you started with, then work the decrease side.  I plan for this pattern to be the first of many for the know those single lonely skeins you find at the shop that you just can't leave without yet you don't know what you can do with the limited yardage?  Here you go!

As for the name....sometimes naming a pattern is the hardest part!  Something catchy, original, suits the piece?  This one comes from The Hobbit.  Bilbo is running after the Dwarven company and someone asks where he's going..."I'm going on an adventure!"  is his reply, and isn't that what life is supposed to be?  An adventure, just like this craft journey that I have embarked upon  :)

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