No sleep till....

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am enjoying unexpectedly cool temperatures at the moment. I know it's summertime but it would be nice if it was not blazing hot today. 
What have we been up to this week? Serra has been having more fun with hair dye changing up her colors yet again. She also started an online driving course to start working on her license. Yes it is scary but she will also be 16 in January so I guess it's time. Amanda has survived the two week intensive calculus teaching and made a couple of new friends along with it. Over the next four weeks she will hold office hours to continue helping the students and keep them on track to finish. We should be receiving her move-in information soon so there will be a whirlwind of travel plans to be made.
As for crafts this week I am still in the process of weaving for the Art in the Park event coming at the beginning of August. I had hoped to get through two more warps but I am only two thirds of the way through this one:
The scarf portion uses silver tencel for the weft and the cowl has vanilla Jaggerspun zephyr. The third portion will be natural tencel.
I absolutely love twills! Each of these pieces will have different snowflake designs. I am planning to get at least one more warp strung and finished before the event but we will have to see how time goes.
As for me this week was tough. Not because of things going on but from sheer lack of sleep. Back when Amanda was a baby I got accustomed to short sleep as I worked nights three times a week and took care of her during the day. That type of sleep deprivation is a practice that I never want to do again. This go around was different. I was doing all of the normal things I do for sleep but none of it was working. Racing mind, the push to go, go, go for the show and not getting rest was pushing emotions out of control which I finally realized on Thursday. At that point I let go and let myself rest which thankfully improved my sleep. Funny thing is that I've been sleeping better once the alarm goes off. Maybe I need a go to sleep alarm instead! 
This week! More weaving and show prep, something new that I'll share at some point and Daddy coming over for the ARCA race at the track on Saturday. Here's hoping the current forecast clears up and the little bit of rain they say is coming pushes to Sunday. Breathe, rest, take care of YOU, and I'll be back next week ;)

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