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I've been trying to keep this blog singularly devoted to craft.  What I'm making, publications that are coming out with my patterns in them, events that I'm going to be at and so on.  Today is different, today I want to talk about life and finding happiness in the present and the journey.

If you've followed this blog or know me in person you know that I have two daughters, Amanda and Serra.  Music is a big portion of our lives, be it songs on the radio in the car or the fact that both girls participate in their school band programs just as I did.  Marching band takes over in August and dominates the calendar through the State Championships at the end of October.

This past weekend was just that, Colorado State Marching Band Championships.  The start to the weekend was seeing Amanda off Friday evening as the band travels together.  Serra and I walk in to the auditorium and find Amanda and her buddy friend in tears as they had just held the Senior recognition Ceremony.  There are times that I don't agree with their director but one thing he does understand with these kids and our family personally from last November is this: Band is family.

The band traveled together that night and Serra and I got up early Saturday morning to head to Colorado Springs.  Serra is such a good sport about this kind of thing.  She has been brought along to so many band events and archery tournaments for her sister over the years.  She's never complained and understood how important they all are to her sister.  Stars only know how much candy, French fries and hot chocolate she has consumed at these various events.  Proud of her for being my tag-a-long and cheering for her sister, even as embarrassing as it might be to be seen with me.

As for Amanda, we cheered through semis, their performance bringing me to tears, found her talking with her hands to everyone around her during the award presentation where they were first place.  Watched 12 more bands for the 4A semis where I cheered for my high school Fruita Monument and the local 4A Loveland, both of who made finals.  Watched again in finals with temperatures dropping, bundled in blankets and Serra falling asleep until the moment came.

Silver medals for Fossil, Silver for Loveland and 5th place for Fruita Monument.  After a long drive home and an exhausting 20 hour stretch I hugged a proud but heartbroken sophomore at 1am Sunday morning.  Later, after a good 10 hours of sleep we talked about the weekend, sharing silly things that happened on each side.  Me, cheering with other parents.  An Arapahoe mom after semis turned back to me after Fossil's performance and smiling said, "Well, we now know who you are cheering for."  Amanda talking about freezing during retreat and trading gloves with a trombone player named Jordan from Legacy.  Commitment, teamwork, pride, heartbreak, many emotions packed into such a short amount of time that create a person.

Now if you've stuck with me you're thinking, where is she going with all of this?  It's simple, some days I want the future to be here NOW.  For the business to take off, to be productive, to feel like I'm doing something to be successful.  Then I have a weekend like this with my girls and I realize I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing, right here, right now.  It's not the destination that defines you in the end, it's the journey you take to get there.

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