Not quite the holiday week we were expecting

Happy Sunday everyone! It's the last day of the long holiday weekend and I'm sure like me, everyone is ready to get back into the swing of things ;) Actually I know better!
Our holiday week went a bit different than expected. We had an impromptu visit from Daddy after he ran after from home last week and played with friends in SE Colorado. I'm very glad that he got out to have fun rather than just sit at home even with the crispy sunburn he had. The girls absolutely love Stranger Things and unless you live under a rock you're aware that the latest season was released on July 4th. They decided to turn it into a watch party and after six episodes I said enough for the day! Personally I think shows lose a lot of anticipation and theorizing when they drop all of the episodes at once. It gets cannonballed and a lot gets missed. I didn't pay much attention this first time around as I was still cross stitching so I will look forward to viewing them all again. The other series that we are looking forward to this summer is Killjoys from the SYFY channel. It is the final season and we will have to be patient as they are released once a week.
The fun things we had planned this weekend was another trip to Colorado National Speedway.
We were really excited as the King of the Wing sprint cars were going to be there both Friday and Saturday night. Since Daddy came up we decided to go both nights. Well the weather had something to say about that. Friday night it started raining....and raining....and raining. After 30 minutes of standing under the grandstands trying to stay dry we knew that it would be very late if they got to racing again so we called it. Come to find out later it was a two and half hour delay and they didn't finish up till 1am.  We raced the storm home and pulled in about five minute before the craziness started here in the Fort. 
Nothing quite like the sky throwing rocks at you! It only lasted about 10 minutes but just about every hit sounded like it was going to break a window. Needless to say surveying the carnage the next morning was draining. Apartment siding smashed, holes in screens and ripped out of frames, Daddy's windshield and driver's mirror broken along with our cars looking like someone went after them with a ball-peen hammer. The morning was spent taking pictures, calling insurance companies and cleaning up the leaves that had been beaten off the tree out front. Thankfully the woman I talked to with my insurance company was an absolute sweetheart and made me feel much better about the situation.
None of us felt like the races after that which is saying something with the Wings in town. Ordering pizza might not have been the best meal to go with the last two episodes of Stranger Things but the quiet evening is just what we needed.
Craft things! Yes I know I haven't talked much about it lately. I'm finishing the publish piece this week, have picked up another submission that I will share when I can and have some other irons in the fire that I hope to get going soon. As for this week, there's a couple of days of Marching Band camp and Drum Along the Rockies is Saturday! As for me, I'm rolling with it. There are some currents in life that I can't fight against, when I do is when things get hard. So I'm rolling with them and trying to just be in the moment.
Have a great week and hopefully I'll have more craftiness for you next time :) 

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