Oh April!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I should have looked at the calendar. There is no way Colorado can get away with spring sliding in so easily without the April snow that always happens this week. The view is foggy, and patches of green are poking up through the white snow. Yes, I said snow. Thankfully not as much as I have seen in years past and the roads are dry instead of icy. I shook as much as I could out of my tree friend yesterday, so I hope he is alright.
What trouble did we cause this week? Amanda had quite the roller coaster. Frustrations with the capstone group, approval from the professors, good news for the showcase, a paper to finish, videos to record and edit, exams to study for, presentation to prep, the kid ran the gauntlet of emotions this week. It all comes to fruition soon as this next week is it. Showcase day is Wednesday and she is going to knock it out of the park.
It was a weird week for Serra as seniors do not participate in statewide testing. Normal day Monday, testing Tuesday and Wednesday, senior day Thursday, and everyone off on Friday. Since she and another handful of kids are different and like to be at school early in the morning, they also spent Friday at school! Both jazz ensembles participated in the Greeley Jazz Festival that happens every year and she had a blast. Makes me glad she did, as we will miss the final jazz concert with going to Amanda's graduation. It will be back to the grind next week with rehearsals and a full week of class to attend.
Odds and ends along with some shipping filled up my work week. I have a new post up on the Spin Off site that I got to try a new technique for. 
Bandweaving is so fun and I'm thrilled with finally understanding how to read patterns!
 The editor also asked me to create a another project to run with the summer issue and it is my first time working with Rambouillet fiber. I picked some fabulous colors up from Greenwood Fiberworks last week and got started blending and spinning. Every time I touch it, I am reminded of Agnes from Despicable Me. "He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!" That's how this fiber feels. I absolutely love it and the finished project is going to be so squishy!
Other crafting time was spent finishing a pattern that I need to get written up for The Loopy Ewe. I'm a little bummed that I will not be teaching in May and June considering how good classes have been going. Life is busy in those months for good reasons. I also learned yesterday that I have a reputation around town! Thankfully I was told it is a good one. As for when I can teach again, we decided to do Christmas in July! Mittens, ornaments, stranded colorwork stockings, and 3-D light strands will be on the schedule soon. 
Mostly a quiet week here. Trying to let go of my constant need for control for the summer and accept that I'm going to need help for parts of it. I had been going back and forth on the need for ankle surgery as previously it wasn't bad, and I would doubt the validity of the problem. This last week with not being able to keep pace with others and stride properly has hammered it home. So, I'm breathing and relaxing, two things that could do with more practice! Everything is going to be alright.
Next week! The culmination of four years for Amanda, and a normal one for Serra. For me? More of everything. Breathe, be, grow, feel, Love, we've miles to go. Be back next time :)

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