On the river

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Feels like it has been a spell since we've had my kind of spring. It has been wet, cold and glorious this week. The extra moisture has made the vegetation a rich shade of green and the leaves on the tree out front are coming in full. Only thing I'm missing is some lilacs. Someday I will figure out how to grow them in a pot.
What a full week of music! Serra had performances this week both for concert and jazz band and sounded great. The calendar says that school has two more weeks which isn't correct. Math and French wrapped this week as they are higher level classes that run with the community college, and AP Psychology has one more project that is due soon. Band will spend the week rehearsing to play for graduation on Saturday and that will be a wrap on her Junior year. 
They are looking for Calculus tutors again for the Bridge program at RPI and Amanda has reached out to the staff. If they want her again it will be a bit different then last time as three weeks will be in-person instruction on campus. She also has a move-in date for RA training to begin. It is interesting looking at the next three months. In some ways they are going to pass very slowly and in others they are going to fly by. 
I absolutely love the randomness of my position. In the span of one day, I cleaned and posted web content, edited magazine pages, prepared items for shipping, assembled tools, and gathered items for the upcoming photo shoot. I love the variety and being a part of all four titles. This week will be spent writing web content, editing pages, pattern creating, and being hands-on at the shoot. 
Not as much time with crafts with everything going on. I added two more hexagons to the growing Starflower pile, have been working on a pattern for work, and tested my memory with picking up Tunisian crochet again. I knew it better as 'Afghan hook' as a kid and it has easily been thirty-five years since I have done the technique. It felt good to still have the basics stored in the memory banks and even learned a few new things from online videos. I am itching to get back to some weaving so maybe I can spend time with Flynn as he is the only one dressed. 
It has been a peaceful week. I've been surprised at how much calmer the path is with relaxing my need for control. "You cannot beat a river into submission; you have to surrender to its current and use its power as your own." I continually come back to this quote from Doctor Strange and the more I let go, the more it makes sense. Rafters don't struggle against the current, instead they use the paddle to guide their craft with the flow. There will always be rapids that need more work to get through but then there will be calm, still pools where you can drift and bask in the sunshine to find peace again. 
Next week! Band rehearsal and psychology project for Serra. Emails, hockey and late-night web calls for Amanda. A photo shoot, a pattern to finish, and more for me. Breathe, be, feel, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :) 

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