Past influences on the present

Good morning! It's another quiet Sunday morning with the sun shining in the Fort and the girls enjoying their sleep. All the sun this time of year makes me wonder just how wet March is going to be. I have a feeling Spring Break is going to be messy.
Lately I've seen how much my past has influenced parts of my present. Looking in my closet the other day I had completely forgotten about a handwoven cloak that I purchased many years ago at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. So what am I doing now? Weaving and even using a technique that is in the cloak of all things. As for lace, I have a piece hanging on my wall that one of my college friends brought me back from Belgium. I love lace, knit, needle, tatted, crochet, bobbin doesn't matter I love it all. Something else that has followed is flowers. I was terrible in plant biology in college but then learned sugar flowers for cake decorating and just this last week ordered a book on tatting flowers, go figure.
Guess I can't get away from them even though I'm terrible at keeping them alive! Maybe I'll come up with something different for Springtime ;) Where do I get my tatting supplies you ask? Lisa at Tatting Corner is great! Always fast shipping and a great variety of items. Also if you follow her on Facebook she posts random sales that get you in more. 
As for other things this last week, Spring Training started! 
Amanda may follow the Cubs after her father's influence but I'm a Red Sox fan. How did this happen in Colorado of all places when I've NEVER been "back east"? We used to play fantasy baseball and after the 2003 season I looked at my roster. Six of the players on it were from Boston so much to the chagrin of my husband (Cubs) and my best friend (Mets) I not only declared for an AL team but for the Red Sox on top of that. This summer we will see our traditional Cubs and Mets games but a Sox game as well as they come to Colorado every three years.
The silk on Rapunzel is still progressing, I'm about halfway done weaving it now and should finish this week along with getting the yarn dyed so it can go up on the site for Friday!
Even with the sun shining bright here this is the dark time of the year. Hibernation, quiet, the time when you have to pour your faith into your goals, to put your head down and keep plugging along. I hope you find something to dream about and pour yourself into. Someday it will bloom :)

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