Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Spring might finally be here in my little corner of the Fort. The grass is green, the trees are covered in leaves and mornings are full of birdsong from those that live outside my window. Having a consistent body clock is both a blessing and a curse as I was awake earlier than planned to listen to their song.
What were we up to this past week? Amanda spent part of it on an adventure with her best friend in Boston. They saw the sights, ate a ton of food and had an absolute blast. Of course, once she got back to New York her end-of-school-year cold kicked in and had her feeling under the weather for a couple of days. I'm told she can finally breathe through her nose again. She has packing and graduation rehearsal on her plate for this week. 
Serra had a solid week with taking her AP Stats exam and jazz band rehearsals. Culinary nutrition has been a fun class, and she has enjoyed learning different recipes. We plan to make another batch of chicken chili before the summer heat kicks in. She and a friend plan to spend the day out getting Panera's charged lemonades while they still can. Only five more class days and the AP Bio exam remain to finish out her senior year.  I can also share the happy news that Serra has been accepted to her dream school of Cedar Crest College to study Forensic Science. 
Lots of meetings this past week at work along with my little random bits. Winter files are almost ready, fall files are under review, and I have two days at a shoot this coming week. A sweater for PieceWork is currently on my needles. Thankfully it is a small one and not sized to fit a person!
Crafting saw some time with Flynn weaving on the first of the twill series and more time with the hexies. I am almost done with another skein of yarn as I finished five this week. They are good to work on during the hockey games. I also set up a pair of mitts with my March yarn from Little Squirrel. 
As for me, it was good week with only a couple of missteps at the end. It's amazing what changing your perspective of a situation or life can do. Don't worry I'm not going to break into Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" but being positive and grateful for what is here in my life instead of dwelling on what is not makes a pretty big difference. Next up on the learning agenda will be not putting my foot in my mouth and patiently waiting to get back to the gym! 
Next week! Finally having something to do for Amanda, school for Serra and photo shoot for me. Not to forget packing and celebrations for the weekend. Breathe, feel, smile, be, Love, so much gratitude and I'll be back soon :)

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