Pesky lost hour and a proud week

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Very quiet here this morning as the girls are sleeping in after a couple of full days plus I'm sure no one wants to think about the time change. The Spring one is the worst because now I feel even more behind today simply because the clock says that I am.
What did we do this last week? Amanda and Fossil Ridge took part in the concert band festival for the Colorado Bandmasters Association. All three of Fossil's bands scored Superior rankings and they will find out in the next few weeks if they qualified for the State round held in April. Serra had a big day Saturday with the Science Olympiad regionals. If you are unfamiliar with Science Olympiad think track meet for big brains. There are several different events that kids participate in that tests their knowledge. Serra tackles three of the study events competing in Anatomy, Heredity and Crime Busters. She and her partner from each event took first in all three and her team also won the regional which qualifies them for State next month!
science olympiadpreston teamSerra
One very happy and also very tired winner!
As for crafty things this week, Max and I did some readjusting and got started.
All that fix it work last week? It came out. 24 threads to the inch was too loose so I condensed it to 30 and added some 60/2 silk in a tabby to help stabilize the weave. Let me explain that. The pattern and the warp threads are 20/2 silk which is thicker compared to the 60/2. A tabby is plain weave or basket weave where every other thread is lifted on the first pass and then the opposite ones are lifted for the next one. Using the smaller thread keeps it in the background of the pattern yet gives more stability to the fabric especially when there are long floats in the pattern weave. The order then goes, pattern shuttle throw or pick as it's called, tabby pick, the tabby sits in between the pattern threads. This was taken after one repeat or 60 passes of the shuttle had been thrown. It's about 1 5/8" long and I'm currently just past one foot.
Some other good news! I have been accepted to participate in the City of Fort Collins Spring Artisan Market coming on Saturday April 18th at the Fort Collins Senior Center. Here's hoping it goes well.
What's on tap this week? More of the same! I have the Spin Off project to finish, Susan to warp up with the Handwoven project along with a band concert and tests before Spring Break happens. Keep breathing and moving and I'll be back next week :)

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