Pin, Inkle, and Stitching, Oh My!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's looking like a winter wonderland outside my window today. About time considering December is half over now. What I didn't expect with it was the super cold temperature! Made it hard to get out of a snuggly bed this morning.
What did we do this week? Amanda survived her last mornings of 6 am lectures and now gets to prepare for two finals. Serra has an essay to write today, as per usual she's left it until the last moment. I think they are both ready for a couple of weeks of sleeping in and being lazy.
As for craft many different things this week! First the Jan/Feb edition of Handwoven made its appearance.
I created the Audrey stole. It is woven out of 8/2 tencel with a Huck lace structure and is inspired by the wrap worn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
I played with the zoom loom that I picked up at Lambspun last week.
I found it rather relaxing and meditative. I used some Faith and Hope that I had on hand. First try with each yarn was a single strand and second try was holding two together. The result with one strand was more open and lacy where using two strands created the effect I was expecting with a solid fabric. It was fun to do and once I had the yarn wound on the loom the last bit of weaving was easy. I have another little pin loom on order that has a different configuration of pins for weaving on the bias to learn yet another way.
I finished the inkle piece that I started.
It ended up being 40" inches long. I need to do some measuring on my little loom to see what the take up percentage is. Another style of weaving that was fun to do again as this is only my third band. Might see about getting one of Maggie's larger looms after the new year that can handle card weaving as well.
Last but not least I got the bug to do some hand stitching. A few years ago I received a Sashiko bundle for Christmas and in some ways have been afraid to mess up the beautiful fabrics and threads. Friday night I jumped in.
And Saturday I finished the preprinted piece.
Totally in love and want to do more! I have a piece of plain fabric that I'm going to create a design on and then do some shopping after the new year for some more. I also have some other fabrics that I bought several years ago that are calling for attention in my brain now so we'll see what happens.
As for me I did and didn't take the week off. No new pieces came off the looms, no new designs were created but I learned new skills that I hope will come in to play in the future. The joy is in the journey and it's not always about being productive. The quiet and the negative spaces are just as important in a creation as the loud and bright spaces are. So I'm learning to appreciate the quiet and understand that I need those moments as well.
Next week! I have got two book reviews to write to finally submit the first lesson on my knitting tech edit course with The Knitting Guild Association. Reading a grammar book is not fun but it has to get done. More weaving than I accomplished this week just in case the studio needs to become a guest room and silks have arrived to get started on the 2021 Christmas Ornament. Keep breathing, keep growing, take care of you and I'll be back next week ;)

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