Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's quiet and grey in my little corner of the Fort so far today. I guess we will see if the day turns around the way the Jaguars-Chargers game did last night. Talk about a tale of two halves!
What have we been up to this week? It was the first full week of school for Serra after the winter break. She's not too thrilled about college algebra and was glad of the Calculus tutor's help for the first couple of assignments. Her absolute favorite class is AP Psychology. The teacher is very engaging, and she loves the topic. Class registration for her Senior year is next week and all of the classes she needs fit into the allotted time. Pep band starts this week, and she has placement material to practice. We've got about 25 more hours to complete for driving after spending most of the day out yesterday.
Amanda is in her words "on vacation". After four semesters straight, I can understand the need to breathe. Technology has been a boon as she can still spend time online with friends from this past semester. She did create a list of all of the things she needs to do soon in regard to the fall so that is a good start.
Work saw the latest issue of PieceWork hit the digital newsstands.
Since I am involved with the photography for all four titles by Long Thread Media the girls and I have been playing our own little game of "Where's Katrina?" in each issue. This one is easy as the scarf I made is on the cover. Monday is a holiday so it will be a short week to get shipping, writing and web posts taken care of.
Crafts this week saw more knitting on the yellow Sith Lord robe for Serra. There is about a foot to go to finish the body. Next up will be the sleeves and probably another yarn order. She has changed her mind on having a hood, but we will see as I get closer to the finish. My Tin Can Knits Starflower project is coming along.
It takes about two hours to finish one hexagon. I need to create a method to block each of them to the same size. 
I have also gotten better with my pin loom and finished more squares for another long-term project.
I got the idea for this project after knitting a blanket made up of several squares as a sample for a knitting company that has since closed its doors. Scheepjes Stone Washed XL is what the original project was in. I liked it so much that I found more colors and designed something different. Instead of knitting my little Zoom Loom is getting a workout. Each 4" square takes about an hour to complete. I also have black that will be used for joining the squares together, once I find the method I want to use. One of the recent Little Looms had an article on this that I will have to check out. I am also realizing that my recent projects are rainbow. Maybe I am subconsciously fighting the grey outside.
As for me, I'm doing alright. Temper has been quick to flash lately. The girls say I need to be nicer to customer service people on the phone. I still don't know how to relax and have been wound up for a month now. I know the thoughts of being behind or not doing enough or not being good enough are just that, thoughts. I also don't know how to get rid of them, so I work on small pieces that give me a sense of accomplishment. When I say I'm alright, I meant it, I am, this is my world to spin, and I can do it.
Next week! A short one with the Monday holiday. Basketball game and tutoring for Serra, more late-night internet with friends for Amanda and me? Working to stay in the moment and to not feel overwhelmed, little steps. Breathe, slow down, be, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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