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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I think the only ones awake so far in my little corner of the Fort are myself and a puppy across the way that needs to go outside. The quiet is why I get up so early in the morning on a regular basis. Granted Serra doesn't make much noise herself but the world feels different when everyone is fast asleep.
What did we do this week? Serra got the official check from the surgeon on Thursday that her knee is better. She has exercises to do but no scheduled PT. Activities as tolerated and the more she moves it the faster it will get better. She did a half squat yesterday with no issues and the stairs are no problem anymore. Being believed by the surgeon that there was a problem and getting it taken care of has been a relief to both of us. 
Amanda had her first exam this last week and says things are going well at college. Most kids are staying up all night or are out partying on a Saturday, mine calls home and talks for two and a half hours. She's doing a good job balancing new friends, her own class load and mentoring two groups of Calculus I students. The kid thrives when she's busy, gee, wonder where she gets that from ;)
As for crafts this week it was a little bit of everything. My crochet hooks and Rumple had some play as I'm preparing a couple of web articles for work. Rapunzel and Flynn got in on the action also.
I pulled out a project that was started last year with some leftover yarn.
The Schacht zoom loom is fun, especially when I want to keep my hands busy and also relax even if I do have to read the instructions upside down! Being a part of Long Thread Media and seeing the projects that come in that have been created on these have given me a new appreciation for the tool and the Little Looms publication. 
Speaking of publications! I received my copy of Just CrossStitch Christmas this week!
My contribution is titled Holiday Cheer and uses threads from Treenway Silks. Susan has amazing products for anyone that uses threads, ribbons or yarns in their crafts. Filing away this issue made me realize how little I have done with publishing this year. Something I going to work on, especially considering there are two swatches on the floor to write up and send in tomorrow.
As for me this week was quiet and a tad bit lonely. I'm not accustomed to rattling around by myself again during the day just yet. I am loving the new job and hope that it continues to grow. The flexibility with it is wonderful and I still feel like I have time for my things and the girls. 
Next week! More creating and growing. Along with SOAR! Breathe, learn, grow, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;) 

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