Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's cool and cloudy in my little corner of the Fort and I love it. Somehow we are having April's weather here at the end of May. I may be desert bred however I was not ready to jump into 90* every day just yet. I'll take this and the possibility of rain any day. It's good that the last weekend of May is a holiday weekend as it is one of the busiest months of the year.
What did we do this week? Serra finished up her Sophomore year on Monday as that was the last day she had anything that needed to be finished or turned in. Now the trick is finding things to keep her occupied for the next eleven weeks. She plans to continue doing yoga, go to boxing class and is going to take me out for walks to keep strengthening her knee. She has also become obsessed with a Rubik's cube since Friday. Considering she can already solve the standard 3 x 3 cube in under five minutes it might be time to go looking for more difficult ones.
Amanda is already having grand adventures again on campus. Sunday was spent moving in and Monday was the first day of classes. She is taking 17 credits for the summer/first Junior semester along with working in the tutoring center once a week. In just one week back she's run into one of her friends, attended a welcome barbeque, dealt with a broken pipe in her building that shut down the laundry room and survived the springtime assault of different flora invading her nostrils. The one class she's not excited about is Personal Development, not because it will be difficult instead because it is the university's way to teach engineers people skills which thankfully she already has!
I have a bit of a scandal happening with crafts at the moment as all of the looms are naked! Yesterday I was able to put the studio back together after a quick visit from Daddy and I need to get everyone dressed again. Even Max is unfolded and ready to play. I finished the shawl for The Loopy Ewe and have a cable cowl to get started on along with making a crochet and needle lace edging for a photo shoot next week. I love that I get to learn new craft techniques for my job.
As for me this week started out rough and got better as it went along. Early on I felt my usual bout of not doing enough and getting after myself for it. I have to remember that even though there are so many things I want to learn and create and to do that I have to take care of myself as well to be able to do all of the things. I gave myself this weekend to rest, which for me is working on my crafts and reading books. I am even taking most of Monday for this since it is a holiday. Tuesday will see a jump back into everything, work, exercise, creating; the trick is learning how to balance it all. 
Next week! Jumping back into everything with both feet and making a splash. Here's to finding and keeping my balance with everything I want to do and experience. Breathe, smile, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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