Relaxing and redefining

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The weather has taken a turn the past two days with a welcomed fifty degree drop in temperature. This is what we like to jokingly call False Fall, a couple of cool if not downright cold days that would send all of the out-of-state freshmen to buy up all of the North Face and Columbia jackets not realizing that in a span of hours, we would be back to the summer heat from days before. Personally, I have been loving the drop in temperature and have enjoyed the amazingly restful sleep that has resulted from being able to snuggle deep into the covers with the windows open. 
What did we do with this holiday shortened week? Serra spent a good portion of it tucked into bed as she caught a rough cold from somewhere. It took her out for Tuesday and Wednesday pretty hard. Thankfully she is back to her usual self and not behind with her classes. She is currently taking advantage of the temperature drop by sleeping in; something she was unable to do yesterday with having an extremely accurate body clock. This week is also a short one as the kids have Friday off for some unknown reason.
Amanda survived the holiday weekend being on RA duty for four nights in a row. Kids are getting accustomed to carrying their keys with them now so the "I'm locked out of my room; can you help me?" requests have gone down. It sounds like dorm life is settling in. You could say this is her first true student living experience considering that her college career started during Covid. From what I heard over the phone Friday night it seems she is the big sister to a lot of them which is a role she's filled for a long time now. 
This week at work saw my biggest photo set to date and my first model shoot. I moved furniture, held light reflectors, looked up questions on the pieces, put away the projects and had a great time. The second day was quieter with doing household items which went quick. We have another shoot next week that is a much smaller scale along with a visit from our new editor. 
Crafts have been all over the place but not in the studio. I need to get disciplined and find some time to get back to weaving. Little Lou and I have almost finished another four-ounce spin and my knitting needles have been active. I am much closer than I thought to finishing a lace piece for my Kushiel series. Question is do I release them one at a time as I finish or try to have a group together. Guess I have to decide.
As for me it was a solid week. I have been thinking about what to write about here. A line that is seen as off-the-cuff in Avengers: Infinity War actually has an interesting impact when you think about it. Thor says in response to another character "All words are made up." Which is a valid point. Words are made up, along with their definitions. Only by agreeing on what those words mean or what they convey can we communicate in constructive ways. So, what happens with those ambivalent words like 'nice' and 'okay' or even simple ones like 'good'? Meaning is then constructed from context around them or experience and memories. Sometimes those memories redefine a word when it is in context with that person. You can even take redefining to a larger level by looking at society as a whole. There are guidelines and checkpoints from generations before that you are taught to accept into your own life. For a time, I did, even working in an industry that promotes the continuation of a societal rule. Part of my life has always been outside of the rules; because of that I am redefining myself and what I want for my own life. I tried to do this in 2013. Now, I am looking at the rules and saying no. I don't need that rule or to fill that role. Society claims that is the way to be happy. I am creating my own definition for the word.
Next week! Classes for the girls, more driving practice for Serra, possibly eyeglass shopping for me, photo shoot and an in-person meeting. Oh, and something else too that I will share in a few weeks. Breathe, question, smile, glow, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back soon ;)

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