Relaxing into the rhythm

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Moving a little later than usual, guess that's what I get for not having the alarm set. Yes I know it's the weekend and I do sleep later than I do during the week but I enjoy the quiet time in the mornings. We each only have so much time, why would I want to spend it by myself asleep in bed?
School is done for the girls for the semester! Even with the altered environments for each of them it looks like things went well. Then again Serra has not been challenged in her classes at all this year. Not because of doing things at home but due to her participation in Science Olympiad the previous two years along with her own curiosity. Amanda has registered for the next semester and is glad that 6 am class time is over with. I would not be surprised if each them sleep late for the next two weeks!
As for craft things this week weaving was on the agenda. I've finished the rainbow scarf that Rapunzel was working on in 60/2 silk. Amanda helped me out with taking a few videos so I will be playing with movie making some time soon.
Susan is still set up for Overshot.
This is an 8/2 tencel warp, the same tencel for the tabby shots and Prism from Lambspun for the floats which is a blend of 50% merino and 50% silk.
 Max is having fun with some 20/2 silk. 
The girls say that Max is still noisy but 16 levers is a lot to flip back and forth! At lease I'm nice to them and don't weave on him when they are sleeping. I found this week with weaving on several different looms that they each have their own rhythm and work best when you are in tune with it. 
As for me it's been a good week. I know this year has not been kind to many but we've learned to roll with it and are coming out the other side with our smiles intact. I'm still amazed at how loosening my grip on the reins and letting go of control has actually made the journey easier. We love the Marvel movies and this quote from Doctor Strange continues to stick with me, "You cannot beat a river into submission. You have to surrender to its current, and use its power as your own." I'm learning.
This week! A bit of holiday cheer as we will be baking cookies and making more fudge. Hoping I can get more weaving done and start the studio fresh for the new year. Only one more Sunday for 2020! Keep breathing, relax, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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