Renew and return

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am beginning to wonder if we have finally found fall with our weather. The days are still a bit too warm, but the nights are getting to be just right. Cool breeze through the window that makes you want to snuggle in and stay in bed. Even with this wonderful weather sleep is elusive and short, but that might just be how it is now.
What have we been up to for the past two weeks? A short school week for Serra was made even shorter by hopping on an airplane. We went out for a visit!
While I understand and appreciate RPI's push to get students into the work force to start a career, it also makes for a very long time away from home. We took the time for a weekend visit before studies get crazy busy. 
One of the local treats that we found is a game shop similar to our very own Haunted Game Cafe.
New York's version is called Bard and Baker and much to Serra's delight serves boba tea. We spent some time here playing games before having some of the best Indian food ever at Shalimar.
We went into the trip with no plan beyond seeing Amanda so what do you do with a free Saturday? You search out a yarn store! Turns out one of the most well-known ones is only 90 minutes and one state away.
The girls indulged me. My pocketbook came back lighter and my luggage heavier after the stop with two cones of 60/2 silk, two braids of fiber, four cones of cotton/linen and four skeins of luscious laceweight merino. In our wanderings we also visited Amherst and drove through some beautiful scenery.
On Sunday, Amanda wanted us to experience her favorite burger stop, Nighthawks and wow it did not disappoint! House sauce, homemade pickles and a creamy white cheese made for an amazing burger. In our attempt to walk off a fabulous lunch, we found The Dutch Udder, Troy's downtown ice cream shop. Guiness Chocolate Stout, creamy, chocolaty, nutty and not overdone like some chocolates can be. In honor of the Queen, they were running a special flavor called Troyaltea. Serra, our tea connoisseur, had to get it. Earl Grey with hints of lavender and citrus that was a light, pleasant surprise. It was a great visit and I hope it gets Amanda through the next few months. 
We have spent this week getting back into the groove. Serra has gotten to do cat dissection in Anatomy and loved it. Amanda has two exams next week and more RA things to finish. It felt good to be able to take a trip and I am getting on top of other adultish things that help my mindset. As for me, I've done a little reflecting lately. I tried to do some of the things I'm doing now nine years ago. At the time, I was disappointed and angry that it didn't work. Looking back at it now, I wouldn't change a thing. I have so much more for having the delay and that brings me a lot of joy.
Next week! Closing out September and the third quarter of the year. Only three months left of 2022. It's time to buckle down, build some new habits and make the most of every moment possible. Breathe, smile, be in this moment, Love, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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