Good Morning and Happy Sunday! A little slow this morning with a late night as getting to sleep after the baseball game took a while. Crazy as that was, I still woke up at six like clockwork. With the sun shining today it makes the storm we drove back up through a wild memory. Even though the pea sized hail was super loud on the car it was soft enough to not cause any damage to my beast.
 What have we been up to this week? Both girls now have no rhythm as school is finished for the year and I let Serra stay home the last week since there was nothing going on. She always does better physically and mentally when she has a schedule so we will see what she comes up with for the next few months. It will be interesting this time next year when I will no longer follow the school rhythm on a daily basis. We do have big list of things that need to happen over the summer that are more projects that day-to-day tasks.
Work saw a busy week on the Fall issue and the release of a new pattern. As a staff, we have been creating monthly patterns for our All-Access subscribers. you can see the 3-D rose I created here. Short week coming with the holiday tomorrow. I might log in for a bit anyway or at least organize some of the products and projects I have here at home. 
Crafts have been all over the place. I finished a make for the Winter issue, spent some time spinning, and jumped back on one of my smaller cross-stitch projects. Thinking of working on finishing projects for myself versus starting new ones even though I have a couple of different sweater ideas cooking in my brain. I also need to take inventory of stock and make sure the website is current. 
It was a little bit of a moody week for me. A couple of frustrations at work and just woke up cranky a few mornings. I am learning that rest is just as valuable as being busy. Putting that concept into practice is one that I have never been very good at. Maybe I can create a new rhythm that will quiet both mind and body and not feel like I need to constantly be on the move to be productive. 
Next week! Summer begins, from a schedule and weather standpoint. I predict late mornings and gaming for the girls. For me? Early mornings, finding productivity without being frenetic, and more authenticity. Breathe, soak in the sunshine, center, be, Love, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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