Rolling with the bumps

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I think the seasons are having a bit of a see saw battle at the moment. The temperatures are still cold but signs of spring are popping through. April in Colorado is still dodgy so I won't hold my breath just yet on winter not having one last hurrah.
What did we do this week? Serra had a bumpy one and stayed home a couple of days. It's also difficult to go to school when you are bored there. She was able to make up two days' worth of work in about two hours. I am not a fan of the four block class system that the high schools switched to last year because there is not enough to keep her mind engaged. A good thing for her this week was getting an email back from the head of the department at her number one university choice saying that she is a strong candidate. Next week is a light one as testing is happening.
Little bit of a bumpy week for Amanda as well. She did not get selected for the Wake Forest internship for the summer but is on the waitlist in case someone else turns down the opportunity. We are staying positive as this is how she got the Bridge scholar position last summer. If things stay as they are now she will be back at RPI for the summer and the fall. She's considering some classes at CSU for her semester away along with finding an internship or other way to get some industry experience. Another option for a Master's that she is looking at is with CSU. Apparently they have a Mechanical program with a BME concentration which would give her the building experience she wants. Only a few more weeks and she can have proper Mexican food again.
Crafts this week was a little bit of everything just like I was hoping. I spent some time with my new little wheel, am making good progress on a tatting project and did some weaving.
An order of silk arrived from Redfish Dyeworks.
I absolutely love their colors! This set is a lighter version of one that I already have so I see some new scarf ideas coming.
As for me it was a good week. Work is improving even if I'm not getting everything done in my allotted hours. Baseball is back which is good even if my team is currently 0-2. It's a long season. We did some rearranging with the living room and are planning some more purging with the spring over the next few weeks which also feels good. I hit one little bump last night that I let get to me. It almost kept me from writing today, I would have been goaded into it at some point I'm sure. Realized this morning that the only emotions I have to carry are the ones that I want to. Some I carry as a mother, for things my daughters go through as they grow, learn and heal. Some I carry for others because I personally want to be there for them. Most I carry are my own and because of the choice I make every day. These I all carry willingly, regardless of their weight. It is not my responsibility to carry someone else's grief, especially when that person has never truly been involved in my life. This is one I will not carry.
Next week! A light week of school, some band practice and tutoring hours for Serra. Studying and projects for Amanda as the semester rolls to a close. More of everything for me, including slowing down and breathing which is surprisingly hard to do. Breathe, expand, dream, Love, be, and I'll be back next week ;)

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  • Cricket

    You have amazing girls. Life always seems to be up and down much like breathing. Wish you all much fun and happiness.

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