Routine and restlessness

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's quiet so far today. The only sounds outside coming from the random early morning dog walker and the main roadway that thankfully has few travelers so far. You would think the quiet and cooler temperatures would be soothing and most times they are. The last few days have been filled with a restlessness that I can't explain.
What did we do this week? Serra is loving her classes this semester. Anatomy is self-paced, so she is already three lessons ahead. Her first exam was Friday and she missed only one question. She also had an exam in History and aced that as well. Fossil's first football game came down to the wire on Thursday night and she had a great time at the new stadium. This week looks to be almost a carbon copy as there is another game on Thursday night. Club meetings are starting up and she plans to join several organizations. 
Amanda thought this week between semesters would be a bit of a break, but it turned into an exhausting one. RA training, student move-in, far too many events for new students and calculus training has had her running the gauntlet of emotions. A freshman said to her "I'm actually looking forward to classes starting so that things can slow down." Another who she helped with being locked out of his room told her that he's not "responsible enough for this college sh--." Thankfully things slowed down for her on Friday and she was able to have a good dinner with the Ipersist faculty and some quiet as residents were off having activities. A half day of calculus training and her first floor meeting today before classes start tomorrow.
A solid week at work with cleaning web posts and anticipating things that need to be taken care of over the first part of September. Two photo shoots and time off for a trip means I need to look ahead to cover my responsibilities. As for crafts I did spend some time with Rapunzel to get a new silk piece threaded. Little Lou and I have also been enjoying evening spin time. Inventory after the show needs to be taken to update items on the website. No shows are planned for the remainder of the year so far as I'm still working on the work/create balance.
As for me I guess you could say that it has been a full week. Even with the cooler temperatures in the evening that make snuggling into the blankets bliss, I've had trouble sleeping. Little things that are the norm and that I should expect got under my skin and rubbed the wrong way. I'm feeling extremely restless and don't know what to feed the energy into to dissipate it. Still need to learn to relax and don't know how. While I enjoy routine, I still want more for this life and that has made it difficult to be present and patient here lately. 
Next week! Classes, football, work, creativity and annual appointments to keep this body running. Breathe, let go, find some calm, want more, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :) 

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