Routine returns, with a couple of bumps

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Mother Nature has finally decided to grace us with a bit of winter in my little corner of the Fort. Two storms the last couple of weeks have dropped about a foot of snow. On first glance outside the sky looks grey and bleak. Then I look to the east and there is a brilliant stretch of orange from the rising sun. Even though our culture only recognizes rebirth at the turning of the year if you stop to take a moment and look, you can see it every day.
What did we do this week? It was a return to routine with the occasional jolts along the way. Daddy headed back over to the western side of the state only to have a delay by a 17-car wreck in Glenwood Canyon that closed I-70. Thankfully I was able to get a hold of him before he got stuck on the highway and only had to wait in Gypsum for an hour before it was open again. Our first day back to school gave Serra and I a jolt of our own. The snowy roads along with being stopped for a crosswalk led to a truck clipping us. No one was hurt beyond my little rav and luckily it is only cosmetic damage. Cooper Auto Body is going to get tired of me. We also ran into a couple of familiar faces that I haven't seen in a person in a long time. Even with interactions online it creates a different feeling face to face, and it was wonderful to see both of them. Amanda did say she was concerned about me accosting people in Target until she realized I knew the person! 
Monday was an emotional and beautiful send off for my quarterback. I've followed the Steelers since Ben Roethlisberger was drafted by them in 2004 and even though he hasn't said the word "retiring" the stadium treated it as his last home game. It was amazing to watch the love and appreciation of his career flood the stadium. Of course, I would love to see a playoff run but that would take the Jags beating the Colts today and don't see it happening. 
Craft time this week was spent playing with fiber and spinning. I am already behind on my stitch a day project that I talk about here with PieceWork but I plan to get it under control soon. Things with work are picking back up after the holidays and I love it. It's something different every day yet all still craft related and connects together which keeps it fresh. 
As for me, every day keeps building on the one before and just like the sunrise each morning I feel that newness which is full of possibilities. I'm happy and the constant need to tell myself that being happy is allowed is fading into the distance. This is my life to build, and it is glorious.
Next week! More little bits everywhere! Jazz band and a boxing class begin for Serra along with getting her booster. Classes start for Amanda as she has one week online and with us before returning to campus. She's simply glad that she didn't schedule 8 am ET classes this semester! Breathe, smile, love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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  • Cricket

    I’m glad you are all ok and only car damage. Please be safe.

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