Short but Sweet

Good morning Internetland! I would say that it is a lazy Sunday but when you wake up at 530 am it's hard to call it so. Granted the girls and Daddy are still sleeping but that will change once I start the coffee.
What new this week? Colors of course! On the Hand dyed yarn page are this quarter's colors. The girls appropriately named them April Showers and May Flowers. There are six skeins in each color in each base available. This week I get to go to the Estes Wool Market and take a dye class. My hope from this is to be able to create a standard set of colors to have along with coordinating random limited colors. Also if you are local I delivered the Crystal Gems Series to Your Daily Fiber this week. Before the end of summer I will be releasing a new shawl pattern in two colors of Trust so keep a lookout.
As for other things, Daddy wants to go to the race track on Saturday night for the K&N race, the girls and I are planning a college visit trip with some touristy things along the way and I'm still working on myself. With some I'm things I'm better. My resolve to make this work and speaking some of my personal truths out loud showed me the strength of them and that I do understand patience. On the other hand I know I have more to learn about overthinking and breaking the cycle of self loathing that I create in myself at times. 
Have a great week and next week I'll share the races and dyeing :) 

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