Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is bright in the sky today and bathed my room in wonderful rainbows through my prisms. Temperatures are still cool with not quite as much rain falling as last week. Not our usual June weather that normally hits hard in the nineties by now. I'll take the cooler temperatures any day!

I would love to say that it was a wild and crazy week for us. Not so. Routine reigned supreme as we took care of household chores, organized some of Amanda's luggage and had company. Daddy came over for a few days to celebrate his and Amanda's birthdays. We watched movies and he got a lot of exposure to sports with baseball games and the Stanley Cup playoffs. Serra dug back into the vast collection of embroidery floss and has made several bracelets over the past couple of days. 

Smooth is the best way to describe the week at work. Photo shoot went well even though we have yet to receive one of the items we intended to photograph. We will see if it arrives in time for the issue. I spent some time at The Loopy Ewe finishing a Learn to Knit class and getting a student started on a sweater. July looks quiet for classes as I am guessing everyone is taking their summer vacations then. There will be more listings for September and October soon.

Busy week with classes and Daddy over kept crafting time to a minimum. I still have my kitchen table Merino spin going and was able to get another hexagon for the Starflower completed. I have a new pattern written in my head that I need to find yarn for and am on the hunt for a pattern for the Spring issue so there is always something for my hands.

As for me, I wasted too much time worrying this week. I say worrying, panicking was more like it. I can't control the future; I can only take care of things as best I am able to. Trusting the Universe has gotten me this far, I just need to have a little more faith in it. And now, Three Little Birds is in my head, appropriate.

This week! A little bit different with taking some time off and spending it with the girls. I will share our adventures later. Breathe, relax, enjoy, plan, Love, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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