Good Morning and Happy Sunday! A bit chilly today as Mother Nature decided to remind us that it is February, and we are supposed to have snow. It wasn't much, only a couple of inches to cover everything and the roads are already clear. Just so long as we don't have a big storm to start Spring Break, I'll be fine.
What did we do this week? Amanda had a busy one with work on the capstone project, RA meeting, two exams and duty over the weekend. Group projects have always given her fits and the capstone is no exception. This is the class she has been waiting four years for and has a member of her team that is not pulling his weight. Thankfully the professors see it and are going to grade things accordingly. They have another presentation this week.
Serra also had a busy one with tutoring, jazz rehearsal, a pep band game and two tests. She is doing great in all of her classes and plans to get together with friends over the upcoming three-day weekend. 
Work was random this week with lots of little tasks. My articles went live on the both the Farm and Fiber Knits and Spin Off sites. The color one was a lot of fun and now I have to decide what to do with my skein of yarn. I do have a pattern percolating in my brain and once I do some swatching and measuring, it can come to life.
Crafts were rather calm this week. A couple more hexies joined the pile, the chain ply got started with Roy and more weaving was done with Rapunzel. I should have that scarf off the loom this week and into the finishing pile that needs worked on. I have an idea for some pastel twills that I think will be fun to create next. 
As for me, the week had a good chunk of self-care in it. I made it back to the gym for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. It was a surprise to be recognized by one of the staff after four years. I am starting slowly with finding my baseline and was glad that I still have a good deal of my lifting capacity. Consistency will help get me back to feeling good about myself. I also got my booster shot on Friday. Too many people I know personally have spent time down with it since Christmas and with an in-person work event happening, it was needed. I have a hard time being still and needing to rest yesterday was tough. Don't like to admit that the nap did the trick, but it did. Much better to be down one day than possibly two weeks. 
Next week! More capstone work for Amanda, the same routine for Serra with a doubleheader for pep band, more self-care for me with getting back into everything, knitting lesson, two classes to teach and lots of reading as rounds begin on Summer. Breathe, be, feel, glow, Love, believe in the path and I'll be back next week :)

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