Show recap and going with the flow

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Slept in a bit on this cooler morning in my little corner of the Fort. Personally wouldn't mind things staying that way but summer still has a hold on us.
What have we been up to the last two weeks? Lots of little things and relaxing as much as we can before life kicks into high gear again with school starting tomorrow! I don't think Serra is very excited about it but I hope that things go good and that the change to a four class schedule isn't boring. Amanda has two more weeks before classes start but will be headed back soon as she has training to be a Calculus mentor for the fall semester. One of the perks is getting to move in a few days early.
As for what was happening last Sunday! I was at the Art in the Park event and things went good.
It's been four years since I have done an outdoor show and because of how that one went I was hesitant for this one.
Came up with a new way to display and I think it helped.
Having Flynn there is always good too. People ask questions and get to see the process and have something productive to do during the down times. My next show will be the Holiday Artisan Market at the Fort Collins Senior Center November 26-27. Yes I know it's a holiday weekend but it is also the start of the Christmas shopping season. The next couple of months will be more weaving to get ready for it.
For those of you ready to get back out in to the world I will be teaching at The Loopy Ewe again in September. I spent time this week teaching myself a new technique that will be on the schedule for next year.
As for life in general the last couple of weeks have felt pretty good. Lots of little things going on right now that I want to continue. Add them all up and you get big things that make for a calmer happy me. As much as I don't like the big P word (Patience for those of you that aren't here much) it is working and life is moving as it should.
Next week! A little more routine coming with school starting and lots of hometown favorites as New York is still lacking in Mexican food. Breathe, believe, take care of YOU, find your happy and I'll be back next week ;)  

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