Sleep and faith

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am loving the fall weather. It has finally gotten cold enough at night to close the window, wear slippers and even turn the heat on. I hope it stays this way for a few weeks before bringing the snow. Long sleeves, comfy sweater, snuggly blankets, it just feels good.
What were we up too this week? Amanda has been spending her time preparing for three exams coming up. It's always fun when they cluster together. Thankfully her box of cookies, tortillas, and green chile arrived in one piece without anything breaking this time. The last package looked like it was drop kicked from Colorado to New York and she had cookie dust instead of actual cookies. One graduate school option has been applied to and the other one will be in the works after this round of exams. 
Serra had a quiet week with her classes. It's crazy to realize the quarter ends next week. She did enjoy taking me to see The Exorcist: Believer on Wednesday. It's amazing how trailers can be deceiving. It had a good story and wasn't as messy as I was expecting.  She had a round of stress dealing with her counselor and technology as College Board and a school's admissions portal were not talking to each other correctly. Thankfully the issue was repaired and the stress she was carrying for a couple of days is now gone. She got some amazing news and when the time comes, I will share. A short and full week coming up with only three and a half days of classes, a band concert, and picnic planned with friends.
Lots of little bits with work this past week. Galleys for Handwoven and Little Looms, product blurb writing, web posts to load and clean up. Summer files for PieceWork are coming in and we are preparing for two photo shoots. The last week of the month is our spinning retreat SOAR, that I will be at for a couple of days assisting. 
I am still knitting away on the Summer project. In the third ball of yarn so I am past the halfway point now. Flynn has seen a bit of action, and I did a quick chain ply of a fun random braid and realized that I am not a fan of spinning larger yarn. I tried with this braid to spin larger which of course results in a heavier weight yarn for the finished product. Think I am going to stick to my tiny spinning. Found that I have several more finished items that I thought. I didn't take inventory in the traditional sense. Instead, I pulled out items to take to Trimble Court this week as they are looking for more artists. Maybe the third time will be the charm.
It is amazing how much of an effect sleep can have on a person. You can do it wrong and wake up in pain, not get enough and be a zombie all day, or get too much and not know what to do with it. The beginning of the week saw no sleep yet somehow, I kept catching winds and energy to fill the sails and keep going. The last three nights have been blissful as was able to get good sleep and a bit extra to even things out. I know it played a part in not feeling like myself. I've had my faith restored in myself over the last couple of days. I can do this. I can take care of things on my own for myself and for my girls. The mind knows you can, the heart has to believe you can. 
Next week! Three exams for Amanda, end of the quarter festivities and some email for Serra, two-day photo shoot and Trimble Court offerings for me. Breathe, relax (something I still don't know how to do), be, grow, live, Love. Stay in the moment, and I'll be back next week :)

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  • Cricket

    It was so nice to see you again. It always makes my day so much better to see you. I am so proud of the leaps and bounds you and your girls are marking off the to do list. For those that don’t know Katrina she is the embodiment of never giving up and while conquering the world showing you how to do it with grace, caring and a smile. I told one of her students I am very proud to have met her and throw her name around as a friend every chance I get because she is that big of a deal. Congratulations on the great news.

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