Small steps, big journey

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is shining brightly through the sky after Mother Nature's little prank yesterday. She decided to remind us that it is only March, and not May by sharing four inches of snow. Less than I was anticipating over the spring break but a reminder that the year isn't as far along as we might want it to be.
What did we do this week? Serra has jumped back into the flow with school. It is the last quarter of the year which has the tendency to fly by quickly. Straight A's for her third quarter report. With one of those classes being AP she is carrying a 3.94 which has her very happy. Next year she is planning three AP courses and wants to crack a 4. Extra band rehearsals and thinking ahead on a French project filled up her free time. Thankfully Amanda also took French and was a willing participant in creating video for the project. 
Amanda was able to register for her fall classes and get the schedule that she desires. Large block of free time on Mondays and Thursdays will be reserved for homework with two labs on Wednesdays. She is on course to RA and tutor again for the fall and has been keeping in touch with the people in charge of those programs. Some good news we received this week was that graduations will fall on different weekends! I realize that it is crazy to be thinking a so far ahead but that is what happens with both of them graduating in the same year.
Work was busy with a photo shoot, logging in projects and article items for an upcoming issue and the release of Little Looms Summer 23! This magazine covers, you guessed it, little looms. Rigid heddle, inkle, pin looms and one style that has seen a resurgence in interest over the past year, the potholder loom. It has been good to see how excited the communities on FB are with the coverage in this issue. This week will be a little quieter with some writing, meetings, and cataloging.
Crafts are all in various stages of completion and every evening saw work on a different project. Serra's robe is patiently getting sleeves. Rumple finished a bobbin of thick and thin spinning that will be plyed with a yet to be spun thin single. Two more skeins were added to the Starflower blanket and two more squares have been woven for the rainbow pin loom project. I need to do some thinking for a shawl that is ninety percent done and also keep up on my spindle spinning. I suppose I would be more productive if I stuck to one project at a time but it also depends on what your definition of productive is. 
As for me, this week has felt incredibly long. I had to check my email to see when I got the graduation dates news because it feels like weeks ago when it was only Monday. Emotions ran high as well. It started raw, sensitive and blue, traveled through a bit of calm, had some massive frustration and ended with me telling my brain to shut up as there are questions that have no answer so they should not be asked. I have to let my heart take care of those things. We saw John Wick 4 yesterday and at one point he has to climb a staircase. Small steps that potentially lead to freedom at the top. As much as I might want to be at top, it is the small steps that have to be taken to get there. I have the patience with my craft projects for this, but not sometimes it seems with myself. 
This week! Possibly a little quieter but still busy. Band rehearsals, jazz concert, Opening Day festivities, a slumber party and who knows what else will pop up. Breathe, center, let go, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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  • Cricket

    The progress you and the girls are making is incredible but you guys make it look like a piece of cake even if it is hard days you are still moving forward. You all make me smile in admiration.

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