So much adulting!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am enjoying the unexpectedly cool breeze flowing in through the front window. Weather has been odd to say the least this summer. Normally August is blazing hot and dry, not so this time around. We haven't had the afternoon rainstorms since I was in college, and I am not going to share how long ago that was!

What did we do this week? With a short three weeks at home for Amanda, we have been powering through the to-do list. School prep, insurance changes, passport renewals, college essay writing, deadline checking . . . the list goes on. The good thing? The list is almost completely crossed out! Only a few items remain to tackle before Amanda heads back to campus on Saturday. 

We had our final hurrah of the summer last night with going to the races!

Never realized how much both of them enjoy going until last night. The weather was great, Amanda got her onion rings and Serra her cotton candy, and it was a super night of racing. 

A photo shoot, spring prep, and a lot of yarn coming in for projects for me happened with work this week. We have a new venture coming soon that I will be doing some knitting for, I have a crochet project to re-create for the spring issue, and a web post to make samples for images for. I love that both my knowledge of craft and my skills in it get put to use. 

Crafting time was spent spinning and knitting this week. I also did something unusual as well, sitting. Most times it is extremely hard for me to sit without a craft at hand. A couple of movies and a bout of a stomach bug kept my hands quieter than usual. Funny thing? I enjoyed not doing something. Maybe, I am relaxing a bit. The other thing I spent time doing this week: reading!

I have never heard of an author re-telling a story from another character's point of view and that is exactly what is happening here. It makes for a unique read because I already know the main plot points of the story and can focus on the differences that seeing things from another perspective brings. Another skill with writers that fascinates me is how voice is created. You know a different character is speaking. I first encountered this with Roger Zelazny and the Chronicles of Amber. The ability to do this is amazing. Phédre, the main pov in the original book, feels faster, think the rapids of a stream. Joscelin is the still pools in that same stream. Not slow, calmer more patient. It makes me read slower which is wonderful. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the author continues the concept with the other two books and adds a bit more of his lore into the world she has built.

As for me, it was an interesting week. All of the anxiety I was feeling in July somehow slid completely off my shoulders with the change to August. I have no idea what changed or how it happened. I am simply grateful that it did. Hopefully next time it won't take a stomach bug to let go of things! This next year is going to be a big one and each day needs to be lived fully and given its due. Staying in the moment is the plan.
This week! Time to shift the clock to mornings and high school check in for Serra. Packing and lots of Mexican food to eat for Amanda. Projects to start and a pattern that needs writing for me. Breathe, be, live, grow, dream, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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