So much for last week

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's crisp and cool this morning making it difficult to get out from under the covers considering I have been taking advantage of it by sleeping with the windows open. Not a good start when I feel behind. Need to figure out how to relax today.

What did we do this week? Everyone seems to be plugging along and taking care of business. Amanda loves her assistant dean. He schedules staff meetings at a decent hour, listens when she has concerns, and communicates well. When you have good people around you, it makes it easy to enjoy the job. First exam of the year was in Cognitive Neuroscience and some professors are much better in person. One she had previously during Covid times that was terrible online is making guest appearances in one of her lectures. He's still monotone but she learned more in the ninety-minute in-person class than she did the entire previous semester. 

Serra had a shorter than usual week with getting over being sick and a teacher workday. She did make it to two and a half of the four which is a good thing. She has become quite the galivanting teenager as she spent all day Friday and Saturday out with friends. Their favorite activities are hanging at Panera drinking charged lemonades, strolling around Old Town and raiding thrift stores. She is finally with a group of friends that energize her rather than drain her. First AP Bio exam was this week and she read a chapter of Frankenstein three times because she was so excited about it.

Slightly quieter week with work as there was not a photo shoot to go to. I was able to catch up some web posts, finish most of the spring files, handle shipping for two issues and create a couple of powerpoints. Monday will be full of writing as I have two web posts and a handful of product blurbs to finish for the editors. I was also able to finish a knitting project that needs blocking and shipping off for photography. Next up is another knitting project and a photo shoot this week.

Most of my craft time this week was used to finish the knit for work. I did a little more on my breakfast spin and simply threw a braid on Little Lou because I wanted to treadle Friday night. Sometimes being between projects is tough, especially with my spinning. Most times I just spin with no thought of what the final yarn will become. I want to change that tactic and plan better for what I what to create with the finished yarn. It's probably the influence of Spin Off and seeing what planning can do for a project.

As for me I had to laugh when I opened up the blog this morning and re-read the title from last week. The entire concept of slowing down flew out the window on the tail end of this week with being too hard on myself and a cleaning spree. I know thinking too far into the future is not a good thing, I am only a couple of years out with general ideas. Question is, if you don't at least think about it, how do you know it's what you want? And if you don't have at least a glimmer of the future to aim towards, are you truly living instead of existing in today? I want to feel good about the next thirty years, to grow, to do everything I am capable of, to figure out how to be good enough.
Next week! Classes and students to wrangle for Amanda. Classes and a French trip to sign up for with Serra. Photo shoot, writing, bowling, and designing for me. Breathe, work to find some calm and to let go, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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