Spring, a clear head and dreams

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It is a beautiful bright day here in the Fort. Maybe, hopefully, possibly spring has finally arrived, slept with the window slightly open and it was glorious. I hope that it sticks around for a while instead of instantly sunbaking us with summer. I'm also very glad to be feeling like myself again after an intense round of antiviral meds to take care of an eye infection. I think the side effects of the meds were worse than the actual symptoms but it's good that I followed my instincts and had it looked at as my vision is affected.
So, what did I do this last week? Well in between bouts of naps from the meds I got Rapunzel threaded and wound on with a new piece:
Don't worry it's all untangled now and ready to thread through the reed for tying onto the front beam.
And I did some knitting:
Can't really see the pile in my lap but you can see one of my favorite episodes of the original Star Trek. I also cleaned up "my desk" you see there. It's just my ottoman but that's where all of the ideas get put.
That along with more driving hours is where my week went. One of the adventures that Amanda and I went on was shopping and I picked up some notebooks. Now I have a confession to make....I love pens and notebooks and journals. Whenever something new happens or I want to analyze something it gets it's own notebook. I went through a phase where everything had to be in leather bound journals and Barnes and Noble loved it because I bought so many of them. They each maybe only have 10-20 pages written on them but if something new came up it had to have a new journal.
I guess some things never change! I learned the value of documenting my weaving process when Dave and I created a scarf for Handwoven. I had to write down EVERYTHING that I did on that piece. *Side Note: You crafters out there know that the parent company of Interweave has filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. Even with this happening I would hope that you would still support Interweave itself. They were strong before F&W purchased them and it's possible that they can be strong again through this process by becoming their own entity again.* Now I have a notebook for each loom and will be able to keep a better record of past projects. I know, I know some of you are looking at that pile and saying "Katrina, there are five notebooks and you only have four looms....?" I decided that the tapestry loom and inkle loom could share one and that's where card weaving that I learned last week can live too.
This whole notebook thing was partially because I wanted to get organized and partially due to a friend's influence from FB. She talked about having a Dream book. She writes down goals and desires in it. My search around town for one of my own was futile until I remembered the one that I made in a book binding class (yes I know another craft!) years ago. Thing is, I never wrote in it so it is perfect. Most times I get scolded for thinking too far ahead and not enjoying right now, something I completely agree with. However if I don't create some goals, checkpoints along the way, how will I get anywhere? That's what I'm thinking about right now and planning for this week.
April is also Self-Care month so if you don't have a routine in place that helps you individually I hope that you think about that this week. Maybe I'll share what I do next time :) 

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