Spring, a new friend and March Madness

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The birds have been singing since five am and I just watched three robins hop around the backyard. Hopefully that means the Spring Equinox is really here and that any more moisture we get will be rain and not snow. I'll need to find some lilacs when they bloom this time around.
What have we been up to this week? Serra has been on Spring Break! I felt bad about not planning or really doing anything but she has appreciated the down time. Extra sleep, bowls of chili and Animal Crossing has been the norm along with a few car rides and boxing twice this week. I know that she is not going to want to get up for school tomorrow!
Amanda got right back into the swing of things this week as it was the first week back for her. Interviews for positions on-campus for the fall went good and she finally had a meeting with her advisor. Thankfully her math situation wasn't an issue for him and she is on track. It looks like she might even be close to a minor in Psychology with some of the classes she has taken. Still waiting to hear from Wake Forest for the summer. Students will be contacted by April so it's a matter of being patient the next couple of weeks. 
Crafts this week saw the second spindle of the Opal colorway get finished.
Also I have been talking about the closing of The Loopy Ewe. Turns out the owner has been sell off her inventory as she is retiring from yarn and has sold the business to another person that is going to reopen in May. The retirement sale let me pick up this little gem.
He was purchased for the shop when the wheel debuted in 2006 and then never pulled out of the box. He also came with a travel bag, lazy kate and high-speed flyer set. We are getting to know each other and I still need a name for him. Also with Loopy remaining open classes and lessons are still a possiblity for teaching which is good. 
I've been preparing things for the photo shoot this week for work along with teaching myself a bit of Photoshop. So far a large part of what I am doing involves resizing various images for web posts and emails to contributors. This week is also the NCAA Basketball tournament and I have had a blast watching games and filling out a bracket. I busted on the first day with Richmond taking out Iowa but it is still fun. I love cheering for the Cinderellas that no one expects to make it. 
As for the week it felt incredibly long. I don't know if it was the extra time during the day with not doing the school run or if it was the overall feel. Been working on pulling myself back into the moment and taking things one day at a time. Planning is good and sometimes has to be done especially with how much the summer is up in the air for Amanda. The trick is keeping that planning from snowballing down the mountainside. I can't get to tomorrow without taking care of today first.
This week! A new class for Serra for the last quarter of school, boxing class, photo shoot, and hopefully some time with the looms. Breathe, dream, plan your seeds, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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