Stages of evolution

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Turning the heat off yesterday because the weather was wonderful. Thing is if you don't turn it back on, it makes for a chilly start to the day! Completely worth it for the deep sleep snuggle factor even if it means cold toes and a blanket for a shawl at the moment. It's too warm for December. Considering I have a trip to the airport on Saturday and don't want a repeat of last year's weather, I'll take it!
What did we do this week? With no classes and only one final to prepare for next week, Amanda got serious with two of her favorite activities: socializing and sleep. Late nights and lazy mornings have been recharging her batteries. So far, the semester has yielded three A's and a B+ with one final to go on Tuesday. RA duties and graduation celebrations for her best friend will keep her occupied until her flight back on Saturday.
Serra had a busy one! So glad she finally got over whatever that weird bug was. Last Sunday she caught all of her work up in under four hours. Her week consisted of five days of classes, an early morning tutoring session, two early morning jazz rehearsals and two band concerts. The holiday concert was Wednesday evening, and she had a solo in one of the pieces! Huge rarity for a bari sax. Friday was the jazz concert and after a nerve-wracking panic with fixing a loose screw in her horn on stage, she had a good time with the final two pieces. This week will be calmer for sure. 
Steady week at work for me with trying to get ahead on items with the holiday break. We get limbo week off however I don't want to hit a brick wall to start the New Year with things that need to be done quickly. Photo shoot for summer went better than I was expecting, so it made for a good Thursday. 
Crafts saw a couple more hexies fly into the Starflower blanket box and some spinning as I spent the last two days chain plying the color yarn.
I am very happy with how it turned out! The skein still needs a wash and I have to sacrifice a piece of it to the spinning goddesses to see how much is there. The last few feet were a tight fit on the bobbin! I also got myself to slow down and not over twist and rush during the plying process, so I consider it a win. 
As for me, it was good week. Busy and productive yet not overwhelming with all of the evening extras. I realized Wednesday night at the concert that it was the eleventh and last year of attending holiday concerts. At first it made me sad, and I was going to write about beginnings and endings. Friday afternoon my thought process changed. Instead of seeing it as an ending, it is now a stage of evolution. We try out different things to learn who we are. Sometimes they stay with us for our entire lifetime and sometimes they are only a part of it for a set span of time. We learn from society certain rules of function to be accepted, what happens when we grow beyond them and realize we don't need to fit into that box anymore? It's evolution. A concept that I am grateful for in many ways.
Next week! Full and not in many ways. A final, fun and a flight for Amanda. Finals, only four days of classes and a French trip meeting for Serra. Me? Finishing out the work year and finding more projects to do. Breathe, be, grow, change, Love, marvel in the extraordinary and I'll be back next week :)

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