Staying Grounded

Happy Sunday everyone! Looking outside today you never would believe that our little corner of the world was a part of the weather Bomb Cyclone that hit Colorado last week. Surprisingly the school district called a snow day while the weather outside was 58* but I was very glad they did. While I wanted more than the four inches that we got I have to admit that I've never seen the wind that we had with it before. The whole event was very reminiscent of the storm we had in March (again) of 2003. We had close to three feet of snow fall in about 18 hours and after two days it was all gone. 
So what did I do this last week? Finally got the new pieces up in the shop:
Prismatic, Arabian Flowers, Seaside, Desert Waves and Rainbow Waves wrap are all now available. Susan is threaded again and almost wound on with another 60 epi warp of possibilities. I'm hoping that something truly unique comes out of it this time since I believe I've solved the heddle issue.
I've also been doing some sample knitting for one of my local shops My Sister Knits, and getting the summer class schedule set up with The Loopy Ewe. But probably the scariest thing that I've been doing this last week is to teach my daughter how to drive! It's not that she is bad at it, she's actually doing very good. It's not knowing exactly what and how to teach it to her. Thankfully we've both been calm and understanding in the car with each other.
What's on tap for this week? More driving because it's Spring Break, some pattern writing to balance the weaving that is now in the shop and effort to stay in the present. With working on class schedules and looking at the next school year (yes I know, but Marching Band events are now on the calendar) it takes a great deal of effort to stay in the here and now and try not to force the future to come too quickly. One of the things that helps me with this is Sundays. I talk here a bit with you, put on some sports, most likely Nascar or College Basketball today as it's selection Sunday, and work on the Tapestry. In its own way it grounds me because there's NO WAY it will be finished any time soon and trying to race on it will only make mistakes. It gets constant, consistent effort, just like I need to apply to myself and my business. What do you do for yourself to keep you grounded in the present?
Goal for this week: two more patterns up in the shop. I hope you all have a great week, especially the teachers that deserve a break :)

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