Staying in the moment

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Cool and quiet so far today as even the birds are not singing. Just as I had my own thunderstorm to cool the edges of my temper last week a wonderful set of showers washed through the area yesterday to break the heat. Here's hoping for more rain today.
What have we been up to this week? Serra finally received a box of puzzle cubes that I ordered from Puzzle Master Inc. It contained a starlike skewb, a 4x4x4 octahedron, and kilominx. It took three days to finally solve the three of them with the octahedron being the most difficult. Now that she has them figured out, they will join the other seven cubes which previously took her 45 minutes to solve. There will be a great deal of rest planned for her this week as Wednesday is wisdom teeth extraction day. After taking care of Amanda's, we checked on hers and both lower teeth are pointed in the wrong direction. The surgeon said she would have problems within six months so it's better to do it now than during school.
I was correct in predicting that the second half of Amanda's semester was going to speed by. She says that it feels like a semi racing down a steep grade with hot brakes. Her hope is that she is in the cab rather than under the wheels. We spent a good amount of time Friday talking through a methods paper that is due at the end of the semester but has a portion due on Thursday. I love that I am able to talk science with my girls. I may be in craft and publishing, but my degree is in Biology and Neuroanatomy; go figure. Thankfully she received our box of cookies which helped. The postal service was brutal to the package creating cookie dust out of a portion of them. I have found a couple of weekends in Serra's schedule that might turn into a quick visit to New York in the fall.
Things at work didn't go quite as planned with the photo shoot but from what I've been told all is well. Yesterday marked one year of being with Long Thread Media and I love it. Things will be shifting with responsibilities over the next few months, so patience is key. I am grateful that they consider what people are good at and where they fit in with the company's needs. Here's to many more years to come. 
Crafts saw a little bit of everything this week. I spent some time weaving with Flynn, finished an ounce of Camel/Silk on my John Galen dragons and got some Merino/Silk onto Little Lou. There is a crochet project to start for work and possibly a weaving experiment in the future as well. Only three weeks until Art in the Park so inventory needs to be taken and there is finishing to be done. 
As for me the week was a calm one after soothing the fires of my temper. I am in a good place with a plan for the future and it feels right. Funny part is that I am telling others to slow down and be patient with my plan. The time will let me take care of things properly and learn more adulting. I did something crazy yesterday; I rested. Most times I feel the drive to fill every minute accomplishing something so the thought of doing only what I feel like in the moment is extremely rare. Don't know how often it will happen, but I don't think I will fight it so hard in the future.
Next week! Grocery shopping for soft foods, teeth, possibly another paper assist, more to learn at work, crochet to start, and crafts to make. Breathe, dream, hope, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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