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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's cold but clear in my little corner of the Fort. While I know it is the time for snow, I would appreciate the skies waiting to grace us with the white stuff for a little bit. We are almost to the Winter Solstice, and I am ready to start seeing more light.
What did we do this week? Serra is currently recovering from an extremely busy one. Jazz rehearsals, an extra concert band rehearsal, French club meeting, three tutoring sessions for Science Honor Society, and two concerts can wipe a kid out. The concerts were great, and I love that she enjoys jazz. This week is a short one with only two and half days of school to end the semester. 
Amanda had her last final on Wednesday. So far it looks like it was a great semester for her grades. She has been sleeping in and generally having a good time since she is done with the academics. Most of her residents will be leaving for break on Tuesday and she heads back here on Thursday. Food requests have included Mexicali, steak and potatoes, and lumpias. I think we should be able to manage those along with a couple of other holiday favorites.
Work is humming along. This week was busy as we are preparing for Limbo week. Limbo week is what I call the time between Christmas and New Year's. We are blessed in that we get the week off however the wheels of the website still need to keep turning. I have two posts to write and a photo shoot happening this week to keep me busy. I will also be gaining new responsibilities with the turn of the that we did some training for. I feel extremely grateful for this current path. Crafts this week have been slow as work took over. I am still working on Serra's giant yellow gift that will more likely be finished for her birthday.
As for me this week was an odd one. I am not normally one for going to the doctor beyond my annual exams but was glad that Serra pushed me to keep my appointment even though I was feeling better. Little bit of a scare that is now being taken care of with a regimen of meds for the next few months. Dealing with some side effects from them but I'm good, and glad to have found the cause of some massive pain a couple of weeks ago. One thing I learned from the experience this week is that not only is it good to take care of yourself for you but that you should also do it for those around you that are a part of your life. Certainly didn't mean to cause the worry I did for those two days but if I had ignored this it could have been much worse. I am still planning to get back into exercise with the new year however it might be a bit gentler than I was initially planning. 
This week! Serra is running a review session for her Anatomy friends and wrapping her semester. Packing, hugs and farewells for Amanda as the semester closes at college. A photo shoot, meetings, tatting, writing and finding time to prepare for the holiday for me. Breathe, feel, dream, Love, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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  • Mélina

    So fun to read you! Happy holidays to you and your family! 😘

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