Summer chilling

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's pretty quiet so far today as I am the only one awake. The sun is shining, and rainbows danced in my room earlier. I am spending way too much time in bed, but my body clock still has me up by 530. 
What did we do this week? It has been a rather quiet one. I am trying to listen to my body and everyone around me and rest. We have gone out a couple of times to run errands and take care of things for work. The girls have been a huge help with that. They also love to laugh at me as I cruise around parking lots and stores on my knee scooter. We also celebrated Amanda's birthday! Legos, Indian food and brownies are what she wanted. Her other presents included emails stating that her diploma has been shipped and that her financial aid has been received by Rochester.
Work saw fall files head to the printer and the release of a new publication. Farm & Fiber Knits is now available. It started as a new online digital community, and this is the first print issue. I worked on it and have received Assistant Editor credits in the masthead.
Crafts, when I have been awake, have been a lot of knitting. I have been working on a project for PieceWork, hexies and the Little Squirrel mitts. An idea is percolating for the Gilmore, and I am trying not to give in to buying a rigid heddle loom. I have been looking at one for a couple of years and might do it. I have also been looking at speedweves with all of the mending content we have featured lately.
As for me, on the whole it has been a solid week. I have my days, some good, some bad. Rest is not my thing, so being kind to my body and listening to it is difficult. My energy is better than it was earlier in the week, which is good. I still get worn out far too easily in my opinion. I do know I have slept more this week than I have in the last two years! Tomorrow is my post-op appointment to get the current dressings removed and a cast in place. Hopefully everything is healing the way it should. 
Next week! Work, appointments, and getting started on some of the little tasks that need to be done around here. Breathe, rest, be, Love, make peace with where you are, and I'll be back next week :)

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