Sunday, better known as break time

Good Morning! It's Sunday again, time for a day of resting, some music and conversation with you! It's always good to have a day at home to either recover from the week that was or to prepare for things to come and today is a bit of both.
I'm happy to say that my two February yarns are now available! Each color has been dyed on each of the four bases that I carry. Becoming Spring is a bright happy yellow with a some spring green added to it. Farewell Wintergreen is a dark green with grey and blue undertones. There are only 6 skeins of each color per base available so I hope that you take a peek. If you are looking for a pattern the Raindrop Cowl Pattern works with Faith and in the next couple of weeks I will post one for Promise.
As for the coming week I will be attending different events at the Fort Collins Start Up Week in Old Town. There are different classes and lectures aimed at helping small businesses with you guessed it getting started. Not only will I be attending lectures but I'm also demonstrating! The Carnegie Center for Creativity is hosting a craft supply swap from 12-2pm on Thursday. I'll be there will items I've cleared out and a new project on Flynn. Funny thing, about six lifetimes ago I lived across the street from the center.  
News on the project front is that I go through different phases. I'll start several at the same time (starteritis), work on each of them depending on inspiration, energy or possible deadline, then I'll finish several at the same time (finishitis). Lately it's been a case of finishitis. Three of my four looms are now naked as I've pulled projects off. So it's time to start some new ones and do some maintenance on the looms. Flynn gets some more heddles so that I can weave finer pieces on him and Susan got different heddles. I don't know when flat steel heddles stopped being manufactured and loom producers went to inserted eye but I do know that I don't like them. With high epi (ends/inch) which is the number of threads in one inch of cloth, the heddles stick together making weaving practically impossible. Hooray for the internet as I was able to find 500 flat steel to replace the inserted eye with.
Have a good week! Find something to smile about, learn something new like I will at Start Up Week and come say hi on Thursday! :)

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