Suspended reality

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Late start today as my world traveler is actually awake, much to her chagrin, and sharing stories of her trip. The world has melted from our saddest spring storm ever. I know, I know, some areas got a massive amount of snow. My little corner of the world did not as it was too warm to freeze. Friday morning was a slushy affair as there was maybe two inches of snow on top of three inches of water. I had a wonderful lake out front that the geese enjoyed immensely. 
What did we do this week? Amanda got back into the swing of things at school. She is in the final home stretch, back to classes, working on the capstone project and being on duty as an RA. She applied for three different positions at her next university, no I'm not sharing where yet, and will hopefully hear about them next month. Regalia will be in this week and graduation is only two months away.
Serra spent the week traveling in France! Considering she talked the entire drive from the airport home about it, I think it was a good trip. She almost made it the entire way before falling asleep in the car just after getting off the highway, even with sleeping on the flight home. Food, a bath, more sleep and she is right as rain this morning. Tomorrow begins her last quarter of high school, two months plus one week until graduation for her.
Little odds and ends to take care of for work this past week. Summer is off to press and Fall files will hopefully be headed to the copy editor soon. I am feeling the need to start working on gaining more skills myself and plan to spend some time with Udemy courses I have or seeing what I can find locally to keep learning more.
Crafts were fun! Remember the Weave Together event at the end of February? I got a little crazy and purchased four Turtle looms. Gabi, the owner, has sent in amazing creations to Little Looms and I wanted to try them out for myself.
So much fun! The jewel was the only one that gave me a bit of trouble. With being left-handed, I have to start with the point in the opposite direction to be able to finish the weaving correctly. Now the question is what to make with these fun shapes! 
I finished the ply on my breakfast spin and love how the colors look together.
Spent some time working on my charkha spinning.
It is a similar and yet completely different process compared to support spindle spinning. There is a meditative element of slowing down and letting go with this type of spinning. I learned some of the power of slow this week and letting go has been a constant work in progress.
Last but not least, Flynn got dressed.
I've had ideas for a twill run going in my head for a couple of months now and got a two-scarf length amount threaded. Ankle will have me off the floor looms for a while, so Flynn will get to be the star of the show. 
As for me, it was a different week and a good test run for being on my own in the future. The whole week was swollen with extra time that had a slower flow to it. Some of that time was glorious and some had the frantic need to be filled. I know getting my ankle taken care of and getting out more than I did this week will help, along with creating a plan to get things going here. I can do all of things. I can also take time to slow down, rest and feel.
Next week! Back to reality. Classes for Amanda and Serra, work, craft, and teaching for me. Breathe, savor, feel, Love, embrace the new, and I'll be back next week :)

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