The Big Game

Everyone know what today is....The Big Game. Even my lovely friend Rebekah who I confound with sports knows what is happening today, although I admit to confusing her with the teams. Everyone in the country save the New England area and possibly a few in Michigan will be cheering for the Rams today. What you don't know is that I have dealt with the winning ways of the Patriots on a personal level.

Not only am I a Steelers fan my best friend is a Patriots fan. Big Ben and Tommy Terrific play just about every year and even though my boys didn't make the playoffs this year they can take credit for one of the Pats losses during the season.
I find it fascinating that similar events can jog your memory and make the past so vivid again. After the Rams won the NFC championship I realized that the first time these teams met was in January of 2002. We watched it at aforementioned best friend's place, I was pregnant with Amanda and it was just after 9/11. U2 played the halftime show and during one of the songs the names of those that had died scrolled on a screen behind the band.
Now if you've stuck with me this long you're thinking "okay what does this have to do with anything?" Yes, I'm getting to the point...Today is Tom Brady's 9th trip to the Big Game, if he wins today he personally as a single individual will have as many rings as the entire Pittsburgh Steelers organization, six. So what does this say? It says....Perseverance, Tenacity, Drive, Dedication, Desire, Devotion to craft. I know the majority of the world wants to see him taken down but until other teams put in these elements Time will be the only thing that will. How can you add or improve upon these elements in your own life and pursuits? It doesn't have to be football. Is there something new you want to learn, a technique you want to perfect, or just the desire to be a better person by sharing a smile? Think about it....
As for the crafty bits, I've been tatting some bookmarks, got started dyeing the yarn for release later this month and threaded up some 60/2 silk on Rapunzel yesterday. Next week will be submission writing. I hope that you have a great week and keep a smile in your heart.


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