The darkest hour

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Little bit whiter and colder than I expected for the weekend with the snow that we got yesterday. The glitterstorm all day was just enough to cover everything. It was very peaceful to watch in between all of the NFL action.
How was this past week? A bit all over the place. Serra started classes back up on Wednesday online. The district is wanting to go back to partial in-person the last week of January and full on five days a week come February. I'm not very sure of that option but I guess we will see what happens and roll with it just as we have for the past few months. Amanda is slowly getting move in information so that we can get her back to college for the spring semester. As soon as we have all of the details we'll jump into action.
As for crafts this past week it was a bit all over the place. I've got the cross stitch ornament to finish, started a sample knit for a company and booked two designs for publication later this year. Did some technical reading and need to look at my editing course again as I got back the comments on the first lesson. It's proving to be more complicated than anticipated. I've been doing something very rare for me by not having my hands busy in the evenings and watching Titans with the girls. Dark, gritty and intense. All three of us are loving it so far.
As for me I'm trying to keep that magic in every day that I talked about last week going. An old proverb says that "the darkest hour is before the dawn" and I'm hoping that I'm simply in that lull state before something breaks open in the next few weeks. Have to keep pouring hope and patience in to it. The girls and I have also had some good talks about authenticity and finding your truth. In some ways I feel like one of those layered jawbreakers that changes colors as you get closer to the core. Not there yet, but still working on it.
Lots of stitching and knitting to do this week! Hoping to throw some bobbin lace practice in to the mix as well. Keep breathing, keep digging, find what's best for you, and I'll be back next week ;)

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