The end of summer

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Cooler in my little corner of the Fort this morning which feels great. Hoping that we get a little relief from the heat this week. I am also glad that what was supposed to be an insane amount of rain yesterday stayed away and we were able to enjoy the races last night.
What did we do this week? Serra has enjoyed her last week of July and sleeping in. We made a deal a couple of weeks ago that I would not wake her up until August. She has been sleeping late and enjoying it. However it is August now and with classes starting a week earlier this year it's time to start adjusting the sleep schedule. Amanda is in the middle of the Bridge Scholars program trying to get kids to finish their Calculus homework so that they still receive the scholarships tied to it. Hopefully move-in information will arrive soon and travel plans can be made. It's starting to get tight with classes beginning the 30th. We also spent a long night at the drive-in and Daddy came over for the ARCA West race last night.
As for crafts, the show is coming! Art in the Park is this coming Saturday and Sunday at North Lake Park in Loveland. I have started tackling the finishing pile and will have several new pieces making their debut. Flynn will get dressed this week for demonstration purposes and my canopy should be easy to spot as it is burnt orange. The sculpture garden is also having their annual show so I am hoping it's a good weekend. 
As for me, I am feeling pretty good about life at the moment. August is going to be a bit in flux with everything that is going on. I plan to ride the waves and being flexible will create stability. It reminds me of this quote from Doctor Strange that I've shared before. "You cannot beat a river into submission; you have to surrender to its current, and use its power as your own." It doesn't make sense but I am learning that the more I let go of control the better things flow.  
Next week! I hope to be up early to be here as it will not be the usual quiet Sunday. Instead it will be in Loveland. Just realized that I should remember the sunscreen. Breathe, create the life you want, take care of you and I'll be back next week ;)

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