The fade into Fall

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Fall finally seems to be in full swing in my little corner of the Fort. The trees have lost most of their leaves and frost has been on the cars in the morning. The windows have been closed and the heat kicked on for a couple of nights. Considering it is almost November it is time!
What have we been up to this week? Serra had an easy week at school which is the norm. I was hoping that this year would be more of a challenge for her but so far it is not. Thankfully she is learning things about herself that will come in handy later on. We have been doing more driving and have completed a third of her required hours. We haven't gone out on some of the crazier three lane roads yet, but she is getting better at higher speeds on two lanes. Her big surprise this week is that her number one school will be visiting Fossil next month. 
Amanda is slowly getting over being sick. She feels fine but still has a lingering cough. Phone call Friday night was longer than usual as she is in the mid-semester doldrums. I am glad that she was able to take Saturday off for herself to relax and have some fun, which for her is a visit to the farmer's market and ordering Indian food. Only eight more weeks till she gets to come back for Christmas.
Bit of a quieter week at work and by that, I mean no photo shoot. The usual meetings, planning for the next shoot, and shipping filled up my time. This week was also SOAR so lots of teaching and public relations for some of our staff. For crafts I got started on the Starflower blanket and continued knitting on Serra's requested Christmas gift. Fingers crossed I have it finished by then. We are also trying to figure out classes to offer at The Loopy Ewe for the next few months.
As for me it was an up and down week. Emotions running all over the place, a bit lonely, a little frustrated, being hard on myself for not doing more, but also extremely grateful for where I am in life right now. Brain has been steeped in memories as well. It always happens a little this time of year but more so after I realized that the calendar dates match with the days of the week. The things that regeneration went through gave this current one gifts and strength that I am thankful for. It's time to be comfortable with the slower path and for the moment I am.
Next week! November! Earlier mornings begin for Serra with Jazz band as the Marching season ended last night with State Championships for both Fossil Ridge and Loveland. Lots of study for Amanda as she survives duty night on Halloween, has a presentation and prepares for three exams. For me? Being gentler with myself and possibly learning to relax, I have not done well with that lately. Breathe, hope, be, realize there is only so much you can do, Love, take care of YOU, and I'll be back next week :)

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