The feels

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is high in the sky and the day looks bright outside. Of course, I'm cold, but that is March in Colorado. Wondering if we will have snow for spring break in a couple of weeks.
What have we been up to this week? Serra had a busy start with jazz and extra concert rehearsals. The week unraveled Thursday when she woke up with a vicious migraine. It's been a while since she's had one, so I thought they were under control. Hopefully this one, that lasted for two days, was a random occurrence. Friday evening, she was back to her usual self. We also learned on Friday that she has to hold her driving permit for a year before she can take the test. I was more upset about it than she was. Saturday, I kicked both of the girls out for the afternoon. Amanda has been home since Christmas, and they had yet to get some good sister time. Plans for a college visit this summer can now begin as her dream university has announced a visit day in June. 
Amanda finally got her fall plans settled with her advisor. Not being on campus to walk in to talk to someone is a bit of a pain. Especially when the advisor misses the first two scheduled meetings. Holds are cleared and she will be able to register for classes soon. The process has come a long way since the days of entering course numbers on the phone and keeping your fingers crossed that the section had room!
Work was a busy one with editing, an issue release, and a two-day photo shoot. I am now being brought into more of the process for PieceWork and was surprised at how I am enjoying the editing process. The latest issue of Spin Off is now available. I am a little bummed to being doing less for this publication, but will still be a part of photo shoots. This week's shoot was for Little Looms at an adorable house down in Loveland. Getting snow on the first day, and sunshine the second, gave us a variety of light to work with.  
Crafts saw me in a finishing mood. Serra's robe has about 2 inches started of 24 on the sleeves. I have placed the entire project in my small wash tub to make it easier to manage which she finds amusing. LIttle Lou finished the Malabrigo nube fiber.
I wound it off into a cake to prepare for plying. Biggest thing I have to remind myself is to go slow with it! I have a tendency to rush to get the skein done. I hope letting it sit for a couple of days will fix that urge.
I also finished spindle plying the first rolag from the Fellview Fibres set.
On to the shredded carrot color next. I did not realize how much red I have been working with lately. There is also my spin-along project, some tatting, and knitting for work before the next photo shoot.
As for me, it was an amazing week and the last couple of days have been overfilled with joy. I am learning more at work and enjoying what I do. I don't feel rushed, or that I need to push the future. I simply feel SO much right now. Are there things to improve upon or areas where I want change? Constantly. What I think gets forgotten in the pursuit of improvement is finding the pleasure in the right now, which is something I am working on. 
Next week! Jazz rehearsals, concert festival, eye exams, and a book release on Tuesday! Breathe, be, dream, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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